Security compliance automation with Red Hat Satellite - 2015 Red Hat Summit

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Matthew Micene — Solution Architect, DLT Solutions

Security compliance auditing often requires someone to painstakingly check off a paper checklist, producing a spreadsheet as the end result. The policies need to be interpreted against a number of variable to see if they apply. Security compliance features in Red Hat Satellite automate these painful processes.

Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we can build local policies in a machine-readable format that can be used to automate scans. Red Hat Satellite can distribute the local content, schedule the scans, and provide a historical record of compliance.

By the end of this session, you will understand:
-SCAP basics.
-Building local SCAP content.
-How to set up Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers for scans.
-How to scan a Red Hat Enterprise Linux server with the Red Hat Satellite UI.
-How to use the API to scan Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.
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