Building a fast and scalable architecture for SKY TV Video Encoding with Openshift Container Platform and Red Hat Gluster Storage

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Davide Gandino, OTT and Cloud Processing & Delivery Manager, Sky Television, Samuele Dell'Angelo, Solution Architect, Red Hat, and Frederico Nebiolo, Architect, Red Hat share inightss in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017.

Sky Italia, established on July 31st, 2003, has a 4.8-million-subscriber base. It is part of Sky plc, Europe’s leading entertainment company with 22 million customers across five countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland. Sky operates on different broadcasting platforms with different business models. The channels of the pay platform are available via satellite and IPTV. Thanks to NOW TV, a wide selection of the platform’s content is available in streaming on one’s home TV, in addition to the main Internet-connected devices, by simply connecting the NOW TV tv Box to the Internet. Sky is also on the FTA DTT with three channels: TV8, Cielo, SkyTG24. Sky Italia is strongly expanding his offer in the online streaming and on-demand offer where there are already more than 2 million connected customers that can use the on demand service with their DTH Set Top Boxes. In regards to On-demand, contents coming from broadcasting signal have to be transcoded for different devices: high performance, parallelism and high availability are the main challenges. In such scenario, Sky Italia used Openshift Container Platform, which revealed itself as a perfect fit for this project, satisfying all the mentioned requirements as well as adding up further values: environment isolation, rapid prototyping and testing, controlled rolling updates and parametrization. This talk will describe the final architecture that was laid out, and describe in detail some of the decisions taken and why those decisions were took. These include the deployment of Publish/Subscribe application, an hybrid cloud deployment model who take advantages of the latest available features in the platform, the creation of customized metrics, monitoring solution and some more. Also, this story shows how Gluster was used as base storage of persistent volumes in OpenShift, showing how converged systems bring additional value and demonstrating the integration of different technology stacks. Attendees will learn about: Video Encoding use case delivered on top of Openshift. How the architecture was designed and built using Openshift and Gluster. Main challenges faced during the project and how we addressed them. Future plans for hybrid model with Public Cloud elastic scalability.

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