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Red Hat at DockerCon 2019

2019년 4월 30일 - 2019년 5월 3일 San Francisco, CAMoscone Center
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Red Hat at DockerCon 2019


Visit the Red Hat booth to speak with our open source experts. As the largest open source company in the world, we build and support open source products from open source projects. With open source, we equip our customers for success.



Kubernetes Operator overview, success stories, and advanced use cases


Kubernetes Operators are becoming the standard way to package and run complex distributed systems on Kubernetes, including stateful databases, messaging queues, machine learning, and big data.

This session will start with the basics of Operators, explore advanced use cases, and discuss the success these use cases have brought to Kubernetes users.

We’ll cover how to build an Operator, the SDK tools that can help you get started, and how an Operator helps administrators with Day 2 management of these complex applications.

Speaker: Rob Szumski

Bio: Rob Szumski is product manager for OpenShift® at Red Hat. Focused on product design from open source to commercial offerings, Rob has deep experience in UX, web interfaces, and CLI. Rob likes to experiment with the technology he works on to understand it from both the developer’s and the end user’s side, which informs his design decisions.