Converging insightful, data-led applications with traditional web applications

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Steven Pousty, Lead Developer Evangelist OpenShift Online, Red Hat and Michael McCune, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat present in this Red Hat Summit 2017 breakout session.

Data crunching and web serving have existed very separate worlds. Access by a web application to analysis required a long process of Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), database work, and imports and exports, as well as getting network and storage assistance. The rise of containers, orchestration, more cost-effective computing and networking has resulted in a convergence, creating the possibility of using the same hardware and, more importantly, clustering software to converge both types of workloads. In this session, we’ll discuss a high level vision of this approach with containers, Kubernetes, web servers, and Apache Spark. We’ll show a demo of how this convergence helps data analysis move from custom R or Python scripts on an analyst’s desktop to an accessible web app, while letting the analyst simultaneously constrain the analysis to prevent statistical overreach

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