OpenShift advanced management with Red Hat CloudForms

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Red Hat® OpenShift brings the benefits of Platform-as-a-Service to your datacenter and hybrid cloud. But there are several duties left to the operator in order to run the infrastructure continuously, plan for the future, handle unexpected events, and proactively identify problems and security issues. Red Hat® CloudForms is a hybrid cloud management solution for containers that collects and displays OpenShift entities. It makes these entities easier to understand. It also helps traverse the relationships from the abstract entities to their physical resources, from containers, pods, services to virtual machines, physical hosts, CPUs, memory and disks. Metrics information about pods and nodes can be grouped in multiple forms to identify possible bottlenecks and the most demanding applications; the same information can be used to generate reports and chargeback information.

In this session, we'll cover:
-An overview of containers in Red Hat CloudForms
-Cross-linking information, metrics, and events
-Deployment Smart state analysis of container images
-Chargeback Roadmap

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