Delivering on-premise cloud with Red Hat OpenShift

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Running modern cloud-based applications requires a level of agility that is not found in traditional on-premise datacenters. This presentation from Jerry Eshbaugh, The Strategic Product, and Randy Stone, FEMA, describes how the federal government is using Red Hat OpenShift to deliver modern cloud- and service-based applications with the levels of security and trust provided by an on-premise datacenter.

Traditional on-premise datacenters are the solution of choice for applications that require high levels of security and a predictable cost model. Unfortunately, these benefits come with many barriers to continuous improvement, rapid scalability, and service-oriented architectures.

With the frequency of deployment quickly becoming the "Net Promoter Score" of DevOps, rapid deployment and agility are now key to success. For any DevOps CI/CD strategy to be successful, the supporting infrastructure also needs to follow a continuous deployment strategy as well. Red Hat OpenShift provides an effective platform for delivering modern agility within enterprise datacenters.

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