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Today, we announced a ground-breaking partnership between two leaders in enterprise software: Red Hat and Microsoft. The big news? Together, we're offering organizations the ability to realize greater value than ever from their open hybrid cloud environments with the best of Red Hat subscriptions and Microsoft Azure cloud services. By running Red Hat products on Microsoft Azure, customers will be able to more easily move workloads between their datacenter and the cloud, gain flexibility to integrate cloud workloads with on-premise data, and enable applications to take advantage of the best deployment architecture and technology platforms available in the market.


But it’s much more than just where you can run your workloads.


Red Hat JBoss Middleware has been focused since its earliest days on enabling developers to do more. We've long supported the ability to deploy JBoss Middleware on an organization's existing infrastructure, including operating system, database, and other technologies. For example, Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP), the leading open source Java EE application server, is tested for configuration with numerous on-premise operating systems and back-end database management systems, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server, and more.


And, as more applications are being built or adapted for hybrid cloud environments, it's only natural that we expand developer options there as well.


The partnership between Red Hat and Microsoft will give developers synergistic access to Red Hat’s leading Java EE application platform and Microsoft Azure's business-optimized public cloud. With this combination, developers gain an improved ability to build true hybrid cloud applications without the need for complex workarounds. Move workloads between on-premise and Azure. Develop and test in Azure but deploy on-premise. Or build applications that simultaneously use resources between the datacenter, service providers, and Azure. Our collaboration removes many of the major barriers that developers face when building applications for heterogeneous IT environments and opens up exciting new possibilities for organizations to do much more with their physical, virtual, private, and public cloud resources.


Microsoft Azure users win big, too. With support for JBoss Middleware in Azure, Azure users will be able to build best-of-breed, enterprise-class solutions that take advantage of Java EE 6 application services via JBoss EAP and soon, leverage the integration capabilities of Red Hat JBoss Fuse, the automation capabilities of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, and more.


Whether you are a .NET developer or Java developer, Red Hat and Microsoft together bring you a comprehensive set of technologies that give you the flexibility and choice needed to build high-impact, web-scale applications. This enables you to focus on meeting business requirements and staying competitive instead of struggling with tough compromises just to fit your application to a rigid, single-vendor technology stack.


The overall result? With Red Hat and Microsoft technologies, you can finally unlock the real value in your hybrid cloud environment and achieve the agility to get to market fast, with the best of all worlds.

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