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Today, less than three weeks since the announcement of our collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Red Hat has opened the beta for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2 to the general public. Customers who wish to participate in the beta can visit here and subscribe to the service using a major credit card.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2 makes the industry standard Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform available on-demand as pre-configured Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) within the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud infrastructure. Initially, we are releasing AMIs for the latest releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and will add new AMIs for access by subscribers as they become available.

We have certified and tested the released AMIs within the Amazon EC2 environment and will be providing email-based support for the public beta. While the software is well-proven, we anticipate modifications to the deployment models and use-cases during the beta period and will refine the delivery of our services throughout the beta period.

For more information on the offering, visit here.
For more information on the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, visit here.

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