The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: Technology and collaboration at Red Hat

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Decrease cost, increase efficiency, ensure compliance. Every business in our digital world works through these issues constantly. What’s the best way to accomplish all those things? You can start by taking full advantage of all your resources: people, products, processes, and culture. But how do you bring these things together into a smoothly working whole? 

In this panel session, join Mike Kelly, CIO of Red Hat; Amanda Carter, Red Hat; Bri Mundy, Red Hat; Jay Ferrandini, Red Hat; Matt Lyteson, Red Hat; and Stephanie Welsh discuss the problems they have faced while creating that "working whole" at Red Hat. Hear how teams came together to make changes in the organization for more effective collaboration. Walk through the different Red Hat products and services the teams use in their own work as they create solutions for their customers.