Red Hat® Training is introducing a new Advanced JBoss® Administration (JB346) course, designed for experienced system administrators responsible for deploying and administering JBoss Enterprise Application Platform in large-scale production environments. As a follow-up course to the skills covered in Advanced Administration (JB336), this course takes a deep dive into clustering, performance tuning and provisioning JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

In addition to learning how to provision JBoss applications using JBoss Operations Network bundles, participants will participate in deep-dive sessions on cluster configuration and management. Students will also receive training on optimizing performance of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform and Java™ Virtual Machine instances locating and correcting bottlenecks in their deployments, such as memory issues, object caches and thread pools.

The Advanced JBoss Administration (JB346) course will include sessions and tutorials such as the following:

  • How to optimize performance of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform through learning how to provision and configure JBoss clusters with load balancing, session replication and application upgrades.
  • How to install and monitor JBoss Operations Network in order to simplify the development, testing, deployment and monitoring of your JBoss Enterprise Middleware.
  • How to use bundles to provision JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, providing advanced support and capabilities for deploying platforms and applications.
  • How to roll out new versions of Java Enterprise Edition applications in a cluster, which allows for seamless upgrades and rollbacks of versioned applications.

The Advanced JBoss Administration course is available now. Interested participants can register via the Red Hat website.


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