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Modern data centers and IT environments need enhanced threat detection and policy management across bare metal and Kubernetes deployments. This is why Red Hat announced our plans to support NVIDIA BlueField DPUs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Red Hat OpenShift. In fact, Red Hat and NVIDIA have been working together to protect networks from breaches using security analytics capabilities of the NVIDIA Morpheus AI application framework.

Today we are announcing that we're expanding the scope of our work together to include developer access for those working on applications using NVIDIA BlueField DPUs.  

NVIDIA Morpheus can bring AI-driven security protections to data centers today on RHEL

As Red Hat CTO Chris Wright explained in this post, we've been working with NVIDIA to help apply AI and machine learning (AI/ML) to IT operations, infrastructure security and DevSecOps practices to help manage the complexity of modern cloud-native applications and the underlying platforms. 

Security is an important area for Red Hat, as well as our customers who we expect to begin developing custom applications as they ramp up the adoption of the Morpheus AI framework. Thus we see great potential in bringing together the larger open source community and ecosystem partners like NVIDIA to help develop advanced solutions for network security and automation. 

By utilizing the Morpheus AI framework and pre-trained models on supported platforms like RHEL, developers can build applications that scan network traffic for sensitive information as it comes in and flag potential data exfiltration triggering the necessary security protocols.

Expanding Red Hat OpenShift footprint to NVIDIA BlueField DPUs

We know our customers want to be able to use NVIDIA BlueField DPUs with their cloud-native applications which is why our ecosystem can more easily enable BlueField DPU hardware on top of Red Hat OpenShift for running advanced software-defined datacenter services. From the public cloud to edge environments, we aim to give developers and organizations the power of BlueField DPUs on bare metal or containerized applications, just like we support NVIDIA GPUs. 

The most recent example of NVIDIA GPU enablement came in Red Hat OpenShift Data Science managed service that allows customers to make use of NVIDIA GPUs on an hourly basis for accelerating model training and testing, reducing the time needed to develop models and gain insights. 

Fostering innovation by enabling developers

To help expand development on NVIDIA DPUs with Red Hat's platforms, we are giving developers access to no-cost subscriptions for RHEL and Red Hat OpenShift. Using these subscriptions developers can begin exploring the rich set of hardware accelerators and other features available with BlueField DPUs for developing the next generation of cloud-native applications. 

Additionally, by using NVIDIA Data Center Infrastructure-on-a-Chip Architecture (DOCA) software development kit developers can rapidly create applications and services on top of NVIDIA DPUs and ensure that these applications will run on next generations of DPUs. 

Finally, by standardizing their work on Red Hat’s open platforms, developers can expect less friction in getting apps to production and faster adoption within their enterprise.

At Red Hat, we aim to maximize collaboration, facilitate new product adoption, and create operational consistency across hybrid cloud environments by enabling an open ecosystem that accelerates innovation while providing access to the latest hardware technologies and helping our customers standardize their infrastructure.

Here is how you can get started:

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Yan Fisher is a Global evangelist at Red Hat where he extends his expertise in enterprise computing to emerging areas that Red Hat is exploring. 

Fisher has a deep background in systems design and architecture. He has spent the past 20 years of his career working in the computer and telecommunication industries where he tackled as diverse areas as sales and operations to systems performance and benchmarking. 

Having an eye for innovative approaches, Fisher is closely tracking partners' emerging technology strategies as well as customer perspectives on several nascent topics such as performance-sensitive workloads and accelerators, hardware innovation and alternative architectures, and, exascale and edge computing.  

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