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Every organization incorporates new technology into its business, and that means most people within the organization have plenty of opportunities to learn something new. Maybe you’re responsible for setting up some of that new technology at your organization, or maybe you just want to get a headstart on something new and different. Some of the most exciting innovation happens on Linux, and so Linux is often the foundation, and key to understanding, new ways of computing. Linux can admittedly seem overwhelming when you don’t know where to start or where to go with it once you do start. To help new Linux users, the Red Hat Training and Certification team now offers the RH104 course Getting Started with Linux Fundamentals, a course designed for the absolute beginner.

The RH104 Linux Fundamentals course is designed to provide just the necessary skills you need to confidently use a Linux system. If you’re a new Red Hat OpenShift admin because your infrastructure has moved to the cloud, then while you may not need to learn Linux, you might find that your job is a lot easier when you can perform dozens of tasks with just one oc command. Many cloud providers have custom commands to make a cloud admin’s life easier through the command-line. Feeling comfortable in a terminal is a super power.

Learn Linux with no experience required

The Linux terminal isn’t necessarily a requirement for every job role, though. In the RH104 Linux Fundamentals course, you start out on the desktop, learning about the basic user interface and visual layout of everything a Linux computer has to offer. Thanks to the modern design of the GNOME desktop, you’re likely to find that you already know more than you probably realize. You don’t have to have any Linux experience to guess that you can connect to a WiFi network by clicking the WiFi symbol in the top right corner, or that the file cabinet icon allows you to browse through files. It’s easier than you might think, and you might not ever need to open the command-line.

Linux as a career

Linux isn’t an all-or-nothing endeavor. There are benefits to learning Linux even on a surface level. Familiarity with a different operating system adds a lot of flexibility to what you can offer a business. And getting comfortable with a different operating system can lead to areas of career growth you wouldn’t have known existed otherwise.

Is it possible to learn to innovate?

Experiencing different ways of doing things is an important part of personal growth and innovation, too. The old adage that “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” is as true now as ever. If you can only look at a problem with one set of tools and just the interpretations you’ve picked up through habitual computer use, then coming up with a brand new solution is difficult. Learning to see problems from a different perspective is an important step toward independent problem solving.

Innovation doesn’t have to be globally new. Small, personal innovations are an important step toward inventing a truly new solution. Learning Linux can bring a new perspective to the tools you think you have available to you, and the problems your organization faces.

Linux opportunities

Linux is an ever-expanding industry. There are new opportunities for people who know Linux opening up every day. If you take the RH104 Linux Fundamentals course and find that it’s just not enough, then there are plenty of learning paths open to you. Seeing a new side of computing might inspire you to explore GitOps, programming, cloud administration, or systems administration. It starts with the foundation, though, and as just a 2 day course, RH104 Linux Fundamentals is a perfect (and gentle) primer.

Learn new things

Sign up for RH104 Getting Started with Linux Fundamentals and learn about Linux. You never know what it might lead to.

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