We are pleased to announce the availability of Red Hat Satellite 6.12. This release includes many new and updated features, including an improved user interface/user experience and new features to simplify operation and administration.

  • Updated UI - Redesigned host view including:

    • Red Hat Insights view with infrastructureless remediation

    • Package installation

    • Errata Application

    • Repository Management

    • Collections

    • Content Views

    • Traces

    • KVM Integration

  • Performance Optimization using new Apache mpm_event_module resulting in reduced resource utilization and increased performance.

  • Remote Execution Pull Mode

  • Active Directory support for WebUI and hammer-cli

  • Technology Preview: Alternate Content Sources - reduce network bandwidth usage in hybrid cloud environments

For more details on these and a complete list of new and improved features, see the release notes.

For instructions on performing a fresh installation of Red Hat Satellite 6.12, see Installing Satellite Server from a Connected Network or Installing Satellite Server from a Disconnected Network.

For instructions on upgrading from an earlier version of Red Hat Satellite 6.x,  see the Upgrading and Updating Red Hat Satellite Guide or use the Red Hat Satellite Upgrade Helper (Available November 18th, 2022). 


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