Monitoring Java application performance using Thermostat

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Omair Majid, Sr. Software Engineer, Red Hat, speaks in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017.

Ever wondered how your Java application is actually working, or how it's making use of scarce resources on your machine? Ever tried to look under the hood of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) specification and felt lost? Thermostat is a open source instrumentation and service tool that can help Java developers understand what is happening inside JVM when their programs are running. Thermostat collects and combines information from various sources—including the Hotspot VM—to present a complete picture of how an application is behaving. In this session, you’ll see Thermostat in action as it is used to examine various Java applications, as well as identify and fix problems—often without even modifying application code. You’ll also learn how to add more features to Thermostat through plug-ins. If you're a developer, sys admin, or QA specialist—or use Java in your IT environment—join this session to learn how Thermostat can make your life easier.