In a series of webinars over the coming months, Red Hat will showcase a variety of modernization opportunities from a technical and sociotechnical perspective. There are various cultural considerations that factor into digital transformation as well, and these are always evolving. Find out more and keep up with the latest information on the open transformation page. The Application modernization imperative webinar series will focus specifically on how application architecture, development technologies and deployment processes contribute to organizational change. 

Our first webinar, Application modernization: Steps to take today, will examine the need for a cloud-native development strategy, reasons for moving to the cloud and lessons learned from our customers. Beyond containerization: evolving applications to cloud-native will cover how to launch modernization journeys through container platform onboarding and how to extend those gains through cloud-native practices and technologies. Putting integration at the center of cloud-native architecture will examine integration from a cloud-native perspective, through the lens of financial services customers. 

Later this year, we'll introduce Integrating machine learning workloads into software delivery flow, which will address how to build intelligent applications by tying machine learning workloads into the same delivery pipelines that accelerate applications on container platforms. We’ll conclude with a webinar about a specific modernization project type. Intelligent customer engagement will cover a cloud native approach for real-time, customer-centric decisioning and automation. 

Improvements in digital customer engagement connect app modernization investments to business value and business performance. Click here to learn more about this series and to register for the webinars. 

Application modernization imperative series

1. Application modernization: Steps to take today - Sept. 29, 2:00 PM EDT

2. Beyond containerization: evolving applications to cloud-native - Oct. 8

3. Putting integration at the center of cloud-native architecture - Oct. 22

4. Integrating machine learning workloads into software delivery flow - Nov. 5

5. Modernization through intelligent customer engagement - Nov. 17


About the author

Trevor Quinn is the Application Modernization Practice Director in Red Hat Consulting’s Solutions and Technology practice. Quinn’s team is responsible for repeatable solution definition and delivery for application layer solutions built around container platforms. Quinn has spent more than 15 years in IT as an analyst, software engineer, architect, and professional services manager. He has written and spoken about the intersection of DevOps and containers in articles and conference presentations. Quinn lives in Austin, Texas, where he enjoys the outdoors, except in July and August.

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