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Change of plans?
Plan for change.

Massive global changes are shifting the way people live and work—requiring organizations to rethink their teams, processes, and technologies to stay competitive. If your company isn’t already transforming digitally, now is the time.

A new survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services shows that 26% of digital leaders believe one of their biggest organizational challenges is the lack of a clearly defined digital transformation strategy.

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Digital transformation can mean a lot of different things. But no matter where your company is in the process, Red Hat can help you understand every facet of change and help you achieve your goals.

Transform your business

Digital transformation is not a product or a solution. It’s a continuous process involving new technologies and ways of working to compete successfully through continued innovation. It must encompass technology, culture, and processes—in concert with one another.

Our applications and IT environments need to evolve

Organizations that rapidly provide new digital services have advantages over those stuck in the past. But many leaders don’t know where to start. Red Hat can connect your teams with open technologies—from automation and hybrid cloud infrastructure to containers and app development.

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E-book: Teaching an elephant to dance

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Learn how to design an open application architecture

We need to encourage innovative behaviors

In “Organize for innovation,” former Red Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst argues that solving contemporary business problems requires new organizational principles, models, and dynamics. Whitehurst explains how leaders everywhere are rethinking how they use data, approach failure, structure teams, and set goals.

organize for innovation ebook

E-book: Organize for innovation

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Learn ideas for creating a culture of innovation in your organization

We need to speed up our software release cycles

Getting your IT organization moving fast takes more than just code—you must establish team processes like DevOps to support continuous software releases. Open Innovation Labs connects Red Hat’s understanding of industry best practices with your chosen goals in an immersive residency program.

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E-book: Transformation takes practice

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Learn to adopt the best team processes for your unique goals

See digital transformation
in the real world

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The culture has definitely changed. We will be taking quite a few ideas from the lab and actually building on them as we continue down this journey.

Paul Clark,
Release Manager, Heritage Bank
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Keep learning

Read how open source principles can unite teams, technology, and processes.

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Get trained

Experience DevOps culture and applied practices in a 5-day immersive course.

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Talk to an expert about Red Hat Open Innovation Labs.