Every system administrator needs to know about common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVEs) that affect their systems. Included with your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription is the Red Hat Insights vulnerability service which gives you a list of all of the CVEs affecting the systems registered to Insights across your systems or at the individual system level.

Historically, Insights has only showed you CVEs with errata - ones you can fix. However we recently released a new feature which lets you see all CVEs - ones with and without errata. Watch the video below (and linked here) to see this feature in action.  You can also read the documentation: Assessing and Monitoring Security Vulnerabilities on RHEL Systems.



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John Spinks is a Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager for Red Hat. He acts as a subject matter expert for Red Hat Management products including Satellite and Insights. Previous experience includes almost 10 years as a Technical Marketing Engineer for NetApp in RTP, NC.

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