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In the first quarter of 2022, the labor market continued its trend of what has been coined the “great resignation,” leaving many organizations competing to recruit and retain top talent. Red Hat continues to iterate its training offerings to keep pace with the changing needs of this talent as well as the landscape of technology.

Employees who participate in Red Hat Training average longer tenures and higher satisfaction with their jobs. Further, 75% of Red Hat Learning Subscription users agree that the subscription makes it faster and easier for them to troubleshoot issues with Red Hat technologies and 84% agree that they feel more confident on the job as a result of their training.

Red Hat Learning Subscription was launched in 2016, and has helped thousands of individuals and organizations develop their skills by providing unlimited access to Red Hat’s full portfolio of on-demand, self-paced training content. 2021 saw the launch of Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium in North America, with additional regional rollouts following shortly after.

Today, Red Hat is excited to announce that this new premium subscription tier is now available worldwide, providing users in all regions the option to supplement on-demand learning content with a catalog of live, virtual class sessions within Red Hat Learning Subscription.

What is Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium?

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium lets users mix-and-match live interactive sessions with on-demand training content. This is useful for organizations looking to increase employee engagement and satisfaction by giving teams the ability to work and learn in the way that best suits them. 

Live sessions are conducted virtually and attendees can interact with their instructor as well as other students without needing to travel to the same location. Sessions are offered around the clock on business days, so users can participate in classes with peers whenever it suits them, whether that is during or outside of working hours.

Learning subscription users can also learn with self-paced materials for topics they feel comfortable studying on their own, and then sign up for live sessions when they need deeper instruction. Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium gives users the flexibility to learn in the manner and at the speed that works for them.

Karl Reynolds, Sr. Director of Red Hat Training and Certification, says, “We are thrilled to offer Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium globally. The Premium tier lets students learn in a way that works for them, whether that’s our convenient self-paced courses or our live, virtual training sessions that cover our traditional curriculum in as little as three hours. This new tier helps us provide an effective, flexible training experience where students can take greater ownership over their learning journey.”

Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium reviews

Professionals around the world have shared positive feedback Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium. Here are what some participants have had to say:

“It was an excellent session and very helpful for us who are working and can't attend an institute because of time constraints. Attending such excellent sessions in off-office hours will not only enhance our skills, but also, productivity in the office works. I will certainly recommend [Red Hat Learning Subscription] to my colleagues.”

“Lesson was very structured and provided an understanding of Linux scheduling tasks on RHEL. What I love about the whole course is the strong structure of the lessons and the pragmatic way the lessons are delivered. [The instructor] provided very detailed explanations of concepts and demonstrated the concepts using the examples in the book in a simple and understandable manner. And if the examples are not sufficient to understand the concepts, he would often demonstrate with more practical examples that would convey the concepts so I can grasp them better. Also if I ran into an issue, he would suggest the solution or a workaround to resolve it. I'd highly recommend this course and the trainer.”

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As the Red Hat Training team continues to evolve Red Hat Learning Subscription Premium, they will look to offer even more class sessions–covering open source topics and ensuring there are plenty of sessions at around-the-clock times, so customers have a wide selection to keep learning. 

Learn more about the tiers of Red Hat Learning Subscription and explore a free trial.

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Christopher Schunke is the product manager for the Red Hat Learning Subscription. He has spent his career specializing in user experience design, primarily focused on IT training. His goal is to bring Red Hat Training and Certification students a world-class learning experience platform.

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