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We love welcoming new users into open source, but also get really excited when our customers come back for a second or third helping of Red Hat. This month, we’re highlighting three customers who achieved incremental benefits after adding on more Red Hat products in their environment. Looking for ways to continue improving your business with the best of enterprise open source? Let’s see how Spanish financial group Santander, top-20 pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, and healthcare technology provider Experity Health did it with Red Hat.

Santander Tecnología banks on Red Hat OpenShift

Santander Tecnología supports the Santander Group’s customer experience and operational efficiency as its in-house technology division. Santander Tecnología’s application development architecture, Darwin, is available on-premise and in the cloud, but adapting the architecture for different development teams, changing business demands, and multicloud use required an easier way to customize configurations and allocate resources.

As a longtime customer of Red Hat Middleware, Santander Tecnología worked with Red Hat Consulting to support its adoption of two additional Red Hat technologies: Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Data Grid. Santander Tecnología now runs its microservices-based Home Banking and Web Empresas applications on Red Hat OpenShift, supported by Red Hat Data Grid, MongoDB, and Apache Kafka, with a separate persistence layer. After deploying Red Hat OpenShift, Santander Tecnología has reduced provisioning times for big data environments from several weeks to an average of 10-12 minutes. 

As part of this technology adoption, the company participated in Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. Over a residency of several weeks, Santander Tecnología’s teams worked with Red Hat experts to optimize its adoption of Red Hat OpenShift and adjust processes to deliver desired features and services to customers faster. The Open Innovation Labs engagements helped developers, operations, and other staff at Santander Tecnología form connections to effectively collaborate on new features and services to bring customers faster, more engaging experiences. You can find more information in the full case study.

Experity Health automates complex billing processes with Red Hat Decision Manager

Created from the recent merger of DocuTAP and Practice Velocity, Experity Health provides technology solutions to more than 4,000 healthcare practices and primary care clinics, predominantly in the United States. As an existing customer of Red Hat, Experity worked with Axcelinno, a Red Hat Apex Partner, to automate decision-making and free up time for its billing experts. 

Based on Axcelinno’s recommendation—and compatibility with its existing Red Hat Fuse integration and Red Hat AMQ messaging platform—Experity decided to deploy Red Hat Decision Manager, part of Red Hat Process Automation.

“Red Hat Decision Manager has an easy-to-use interface that would let us shift rules management from IT engineers to business analysts who have more knowledge on medical coding,” said Brandon Zweifel, Software Development Manager at Experity.

By automating data collection and invoice details, Experity has saved hundreds of work hours every day for more than 100 billing experts. Red Hat Decision Maker processes more than 50,000 billing transactions in just 1-2 hours, helping the company’s staff focus on more complex interactions and building relationships with clients. Experity’s billing team is also seeing rule changes processed within days—or even the same day—when they used to take a week or more to complete. 

Check out the full case study for more on how Red Hat technologies help Experity’s experts demystify urgent care coding, billing, and payer contracts for healthcare practices and clinics.

Boehringer Ingelheim adapts to healthcare digital shifts with container technology

To adapt to the industry shift to digital experiences, Boehringer Ingelheim established a technology strategy focused on optimizing data, processes, and governance while establishing product teams with the right skills for this new business approach. As part of this strategy, the company sought to set up a digital lab using container technology.

Boehringer Ingelheim decided to work with long-time partner Red Hat to deploy Red Hat OpenShift. “Red Hat OpenShift gives us an enterprise Kubernetes framework with the stability, life-cycle management, storage integration, and authorization capabilities we need for critical pharmaceutical operations,” said Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Head of IT Technology Strategy & CTO, Boehringer Ingelheim.

Red Hat OpenShift helps Boehringer Ingelheim deliver stable services to customers at scale while improving its internal documentation processes. The company also leverages Red Hat OpenShift’s auto-scaling and rollback capabilities to dynamically adjust allocation of containers and built-in health checks to monitor and adjust the container environment’s performance.

“With Red Hat OpenShift’s automation capabilities and a continuous delivery approach, we’re seeing features and applications getting to the market five times faster,” said Utschig-Utschig. Read the full case study for details on how Red Hat has helped this longtime pharmaceutical partner address new challenges in digital healthcare.

But wait, there's more!

Every month, Red Hat publishes case studies and success stories to help illustrate how our products and services can help organizations solve their problems and improve their environments. Head to our Red Hat Success Stories page to find out how organizations like yours have found success using Red Hat technologies.


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