Dawn of the citizen developer: Low-code application development made easy in JBoss BPM Suite & BRMS 7

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In this breakout session from Red Hat Summit 2017, hear from Alexandre Porcelli, Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat and Mark Proctor, Platform Architect, Red Hat.

The BPMS/BRMS products now provide a powerful low code platform for building self-service software. In this session, members of Red Hat’s Business Systems and Intelligence Group will demonstrate how to implement business applications with minimal coding effort. Starting from a simple relational data model, the team will use the new web-based tooling platform to build out customizable forms using a drag and drop based form modeler and page editor. They will show how to define an application flow based on these forms and integrate existing business rules and processes before they package and deploy the running application on OpenShift. The team will also demonstrate how to extend the generated application by adding custom components, that fully integrate into the drag and drop capabilities. As a final step, the team will show how to create and bundle application components into a repository to make them discoverable and available for reuse within other applications.


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