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Red Hat at Devoxx BE 2018

12 de noviembre de 2018 - 15 de noviembre de 2018 Brussels, BelgiumKinepolis Antwerp
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Connect with Red Hat at Devoxx BE 2018


Visit our booth at Devoxx BE to speak with open source specialists and participate in our hands-on demo lab.

We'll be featuring:

Red Hat® OpenShift

Focus on writing code and let Red Hat® OpenShift build, run, and scale your apps in the cloud.

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Red Hat® Developer 

Access software and know-how to easily use Red Hat technologies for building your next-generation applications.

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Amadeus innovates customer service with OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat

Amadeus is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the global travel industry. To meet changing customer demand, the €4 billion company needed a new computing platform that was highly available, flexible, and tolerant to infrastructure fluctuations. Amadeus chose Red Hat® OpenShift as the foundation for its new application infrastructure. When the project is complete, Amadeus expects the cloud solution to decrease system latency for better customer service, increase platform availability, streamline operations through automation, and reduce time to market for new services.

Speaking Sessions

Kubernetes: Your Next Java Application Server

10:40 - 11:30 a.m.

Thursday, November 15,  2018

Speaker: Burr Sutter, manager, developer evangelism, Red Hat


In the Java ecosystem, we have historically been enamored by the concept of the "Application Server", the runtime engine that not only gave us portable APIs (e.g. JMS, JAX-RS, JSF, EJB) but also gave us critical runtime infrastructure for things like farm deployments, configuration, load-balancing, fail-over, distributed management and monitoring.  

In this session, we are going to demonstrate how Kubernetes and OpenShift give you the critical runtime infrastructure you need for JVM-based applications whether they be Java EE, Spring, MicroProfile, Vert.x, Kotlin, etc. because in a cloud native world, your APIs can be whatever best fit your project's requirements.

Location: coming soon

9 Steps to Awesome with Kubernetes

3-hour Deep Dive

Speaker: Burr Sutter, manager, developer evangelism, Red Hat


Everybody seems to be rocking with Kubernetes! Even your favorite repos at GitHub are running on top of it. Don't be the last developer/architect to board this bullet train. Come and learn a LOT in this session about Kubernetes - from getting started to staying productive.

We will provide numerous practical tips & techniques that will take you from cloud newbie to cloud native.

  • Installation & Getting Started

  • Building & Running Linux container Images

  • Your JVM goes boom - OOMKilled in Kubernetes

  • Peering inside your container

  • Streaming logs

  • IDEs and Debugging

  • Load-balancing and service discovery

  • Configuration management

  • Blue/green and Canary deployments

  • Istio Service Mesh for advanced microservices architecture

Location: coming soon