Architecting and performance-tuning efficient Gluster storage pools

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Hear from Dustin Black, Sr. Architect, Software-Defined Storage, Red Hat and Benjamin Turner, Principal Software Quality Engineer, Red Hat in this breakout session at Red Hat Summit 2017.

Surpassing its decade mark, Gluster has reached a maturity and adoption diversity that has allowed us at Red Hat to zone in on the most productive and effective use cases and deployment architectures. Our software engineers have refined a robust and reliable tool set and framework, honed further to precision by our performance experts. Our field has brought us the demand specifics, and our partners have helped us to sculpt the architectures to meet the demand. Through this deep teamwork and collaboration, we have captured piles of data, cross-referenced and validated to bring you solutions backed by genuine experience rather than simple rhetoric. In this session, Gluster architecture and performance experts will share with you guidelines for deployment based on your use case, scale, and data patterns. You will get a first-hand account and detailed presentation of the empirical data that backs our recommendations. You will understand the effect of particular design and tuning decisions, and what to watch out for to avoid common gotchas and pitfalls. Attendees will leave with an understanding of architecture tradeoffs and the relationships between scale, use case, and configuration choices.

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