We are pleased to announce that Red Hat Satellite 6.10 Tuning Guide has been released.

This guide has been prepared to provide guidance on how to optimize Red Hat Satellite 6.10 performance with respect to hardware and software configuration. As well, information is provided on how to use the Installer-based auto-tuning function to provide greater simplicity. 

The Red Hat Satellite 6.10 tuning guide can be accessed here:

Prior tuning guides are also available through the provided link.

For more information on Red Hat Satellite 6.10, please visit the main landing page.

The official documentation for Red Hat Satellite 6.10 can be found here.

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As a Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux business unit, Matthew Yee is here to help everyone understand what our products do. He joined Red Hat in 2021 and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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