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We're pleased to announce the launch of our redesigned Red Hat Customer Portal homepage. The previous design served our customers well, but we saw the potential to clarify available content, highlight special announcements and updates more flexibly, and offer more personalized content to logged-in users. 

What's new?

  • The search feature is prominently placed on the homepage so you can quickly find helpful content.

  • New users without an account can easily register or recover a lost password.

  • Logged-in users are presented with a list of next steps to help them be successful with their subscriptions.

  • Trending content is surfaced so you can easily engage with community discussions.

  • Snapshots of support cases and subscriptions are displayed for logged-in users.

Why redesign the homepage?

Of the two million visitors per year to the Red Hat Customer Portal homepage, data shows that people most often navigate to support, subscriptions, or product content. By placing links to product documentation front and center, we have improved discoverability, enhanced the onboarding experience, and created personalized paths more closely aligned with your goals. The new design provides you with direct access to content that will help you solve product issues quickly.

Highlighted features

Let’s take a look at some of the new and improved features.

Welcome banner with search

Welcome banner with search The Red Hat Customer Portal has content that is validated and supported by quality engineers, providing you with a wealth of up-to-date product information. This search feature lets you easily find the content you are looking for. 

Find answers and guidance

Find answers and guidance In addition to making the search feature more prominent, we expanded the previous “Troubleshoot a product issue” section on the Red Hat Customer Portal to include tabs for product documentation and support contacts. This gives you quick access to valuable content without logging in. 

Account snapshot

Account snapshot Logged-in users are presented with data cards providing a snapshot of their recent account activity. 

The Support Cases data card is a real-time feed of case activity as well as a snapshot of the total active cases, cases waiting on the customer, and closed cases. Clicking on one of those summary links takes you to a pre-filtered view within Portal Case Management, saving time and effort. 

The Subscriptions data card summarizes all of your active subscriptions, those that have recently expired and subscriptions that are ready for renewal. Clicking on one of those links takes you to a pre-filtered view of your subscriptions within Red Hat Subscription Management. You are also presented with quick links to Red Hat Insights and Subscription Watch, two Red Hat monitoring tools that help you maximize your Red Hat subscriptions. 

What’s next

We anticipate that these features will surface helpful content more easily and improve your experience, whether you are just starting your onboarding journey with Red Hat or you are a longtime user. We want the Red Hat Customer Portal to meet you where you are with what you need. Listening to customer feedback and improving the Red Hat experience based on your input is a core part of our mission. If you have feedback, questions, or comments, let us know in the Discussions area.

We are committed to customer success and believe this redesign will help every visitor in their journey to solve problems using Red Hat’s portfolio of products.


Über den Autor

Rob McBryde is the Senior Technical Program Manager for the Red Hat Customer Portal. Working with Customer Lifecycle Marketing and Customer Digital Experience design and engineering teams, McBryde oversees creating personalized and improved experiences for Customer Portal visitors.
He joined Red Hat in 2022 as part of the Customer Experience and Engagement. Prior to Red Hat, McBryde worked in digital agencies since 2006 and managed numerous enterprise-level web projects since 2013. He loves being in the trenches with his team and seeing all parts of a project come together to form a tangible, meaningful solution.
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