Red Hat Insights

Gain a clear view across your Red Hat deployments

Red Hat® Insights continuously analyzes platforms and applications to predict risk, recommend actions, and track costs so enterprises can better manage hybrid cloud environments. Insights is included with almost every subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform.

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Boost efficiency, reliability, and security

Red Hat Insights continuously analyzes platforms and applications to help enterprises manage hybrid cloud environments. Included with Red Hat subscriptions, Insights uses predictive analytics and deep domain expertise to reduce complex operational tasks from hours to minutes, including identifying security and performance risks, reporting on subscriptions, and managing costs.

Focusing on areas of operations, security, and business, Insights proactively alerts administrators and stakeholders before an outage, security event, or overspending occurs. By helping teams stay ahead of critical operational issues, Insights frees up resources to focus on the delivery of new features and innovation.

Red Hat Insights overview.

Insights for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Operate confidently with system-level visibility into how Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems are built, configured, and compliant with security policies and business terms.

Insights for Red Hat OpenShift

Monitor Red Hat OpenShift for configuration risks, upgrade compatibility, and cost optimization. Use one screen to track how you have used your subscriptions.

Automation analytics and Insights for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Measure and forecast your automation performance and identify and resolve issues within Ansible Automation Platform.

Red Hat Insights advantages

Backed by technical knowledge.

After powering and supporting more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies1, no one can give guidance on what to do next based on your setup better than Red Hat.

Ops modernization.

When managing traditional and container-based infrastructure, on-prem and cloud, virtual and bare metal, Insights spotlights issues and targeted actions so they can be addressed in minutes, not hours.

Threat intelligence.

Insights goes beyond typical scanners to identify whether the specific conditions are present for a known exploit or named vulnerability.

Informed financial operations.

Gain visibility and modeling into operating costs and subscription utilization across deployment environments—down to the cluster, node, and project levels.


Red Hat platforms are engineered to use Red Hat Insights to self-identify and report issues, prioritize risk based on the impact to business, and trigger the next action in your automation toolchain.

Red Hat client data and Fortune 500 list, June 2020

Use Red Hat Insights to help your team

Help your organization understand and optimize their platforms with Insights.


Developer operations (DevOps) teams are struggling to balance the pace of innovation with managing and optimizing their IT environment.

Red Hat Insights analyzes data across all footprints, highlighting performance patterns and configuration drift that could impact application performance. Insights also prioritizes risks and recommends remediation through playbooks that combine 20+ years of Red Hat engineering knowledge with the unique needs of each DevOps team. Teams benefit from enhanced visibility and application governance, and can now support applications as fast as their businesses require.

Security operations

Security operations (SecOps) must analyze large volumes of events logged by security systems while managing risk across the business as they try to stay ahead of the next vulnerability that hits the news. At the same time, they’re stretched and challenged by the effort of analyzing the large volumes of events logged by security systems.

By partnering with Red Hat—whose mission includes hardening the world’s leading open source solutions—teams can reduce their attack surface even as their IT environment grows.

Red Hat Product Security informs existing users by email of security updates, bug fixes, and enhancements if they register for errata notifications. Red Hat Insights shows you which systems are directly exposed and enables you to triage and prioritize a path to remediation based on the specifics of your organization.

Financial operations

Financial operations (FinOps) teams work to balance service costs with application quality and development agility.

When you connect your systems to Red Hat, and properly annotate your infrastructure in Red Hat Insights, your business, finance, and IT operations teams recover the visibility they once had. Red Hat Insights helps inform future forecasting, avoid negative financial or application performance for the company, and provides a way for your organization to balance between  accelerating growth and controlling IT spend.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We use Red Hat Insights to monitor the systems and it is a godsend. It's like having an extra person on staff. Insights is a constantly updated database of CVEs and configuration best practices. It checks everything in the environment to make sure that it is patched, upto-date, configured properly, and using industry best practices. When you look at the Insights control panel, you know either that everything is good or, if you have an issue, you know exactly where to look and how to fix it. Nine times out of ten, it even gives you an automation script to fix it automatically.

John Lemay

Principal Systems Engineer at Greenway Health

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The Red Hat subscription advantage

A Red Hat subscription offers production-ready code, life-cycle management, software interoperability, and the flexibility to choose from multiple supported versions.

It also gives you access to a community of experts, thousands of software, cloud, and hardware partners, knowledge resources, security updates, and support tools that you can't get anywhere else.

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