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Red Hat® Insights extends beyond analytics to provide end-to-end system management for your hybrid cloud deployments. It continuously analyzes platforms and applications to predict risk, recommend actions, and track costs. Enterprises can proactively identify issues, increasing day-to-day efficiency so they can dedicate more time to supporting new business priorities and applications.

Included in your Red Hat subscription, Insights is already integrated into Red Hat platforms and tools, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat Satellite, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform.

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Features and advantages

Backed by technical knowledge

Insights gives you valuable engineering knowledge as a service–gained from decades of Red Hat support for thousands of customers across the globe.1

Ops modernization

When managing traditional and container-based infrastructure, on-prem and cloudvirtual and bare metal, Insights spotlights issues and recommends targeted actions so they can be addressed in minutes, not hours.

Customized threat intelligence

Insights goes beyond typical scanners to deliver customized intelligence and recommendations based on platform-specific details. It also identifies whether the specific conditions are present for a known exploit or named vulnerability.

Risk prioritization

Red Hat platforms are engineered to use Red Hat Insights to self-identify and report issues, prioritize risk based on the impact to business, and trigger the next action in your automation toolchain.

Informed IT costs

Gain visibility and modeling into operating costs and subscription utilization across deployment environments—down to the cluster, node, and project levels.

Third-party integration

Red Hat Insights integrates with third-party tooling already deployed in customer infrastructures and fits into models such as event-driven operations.

Federally approved security standards

Insights has received FedRAMP High Agency Authority to Operate (ATO). FedRAMP High Agency ATO indicates that Insights has successfully undergone rigorous audits of critical security controls to highly-sensitive data in cloud computing environments.

Principled Technologies. “Save administrator time and effort by activating Red Hat Insights.” Dec. 2022. 

Red Hat Insights on all our platforms

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Operate confidently with predictive analytics to identify and remediate potential risks. Streamline common tasks to build, operate, and protect Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems and migrate from CentOS Linux.

Red Hat OpenShift

Use predictive analytics to identify risks, optimize performance and cost, and monitor subscriptions. Enhance the efficiency and responsiveness of your applications running on Red Hat OpenShift. 

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Monitor your automation infrastructure—including the health status and configuration of systems—to quickly identify and remediate security and performance issues before they impact your ecosystem.

Streamline management across Red Hat platforms

Red Hat Insights is a powerful tool in automation toolchains and can help define and execute business processes. The suite of hosted services is accessed via Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console, and it’s included with a Red Hat subscription.

Red Hat Insights overview.

While there are some commonalities across Red Hat’s key platforms, Insights is tailored to meet each platform’s specific use cases and needs:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Maximize your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription and proactively improve the uptime and security posture of your applications–all with fewer resources.

Red Hat OpenShift: Monitor usage, risks, and performance across OpenShift deployments with fleet level analysis, simplified troubleshooting, and custom integrations.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform: Monitor your automation infrastructure, find and resolve problems, and use notifications to trigger automatic remediation through Event-Driven Ansible.

Use Red Hat Insights to help your team


Developer operations (DevOps) teams are struggling to maintain collaborative efforts in isolated team structures.

Red Hat Insights helps DevOps teams increase efficiency and speed in their hybrid cloud environments, providing overall hybrid cloud visibility and management. Predictive analytics and extended integrations lower the skill barriers typically needed to manage open hybrid cloud environments and improve vulnerability response.

Security operations

Security operations (SecOps) face the challenge of collecting and correlating data to power security posture.

Red Hat Insights gives SecOps teams threat intelligence based on actual conditions and informs security practitioners with platform-specific details.

Financial operations

Financial operations (FinOps) teams are struggling to understand cloud costs and setting budgets, particularly when data is dispersed and formatted differently.

Many cloud provider tooling is limited only to that cloud provider, but Red Hat supports hybrid and multicloud platforms. With Red Hat Insights, FinOps teams gain granular visibility into resource utilization and performance, going beyond cloud provider offerings to provide the ability to correlate costs at the cluster and host level.


Red Hat platforms are engineered to identify issues and trigger automation toolchains. Red Hat Insights empowers enterprises to get ahead of break/fix incidents and support innovation, offering deeper visibility into risks stemming from vulnerabilities with event-driven IT operations.

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB We love using Red Hat Satellite. We have close to 5000 servers. Managing individual servers would be a nightmare…I have used Red Hat Insights. It gives us insight into what's happening on every single Red Hat VM that we have. It tells us if it's behind or has some performance bottlenecks. It gives us visibility on the health of the whole OS.


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