Bring balance to your organization

Understand the 5 keys to digital transformation

Red Hat experts talk about the 5 elements to consider for digital transformation success. Get your copy of the companion e-book "Bring balance to your organization: The five elements of digital transformation" below to take a closer look at these elements.

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Priti Kumar,
Senior Manager, Red Hat Consulting, North America

Any successful digital transformation begins with good leadership. Learn how your leadership can support your team and get everyone aligned towards a common goal.

Product management

Pilar Bravo Contreras,
Solutions Architect Role Leader, Global OpenShift

Learn how to empower your product managers to make decisions that create business value, drive revenue, and increase customer loyalty.


Jabe Bloom,
Sr. Director, Global Transformation Office

Without a long-term vision for your product, your applications will grow in size and complexity, but without adding value. Learn how developers can help architects and product managers avoid this with the right strategy.


Emily Brand,
Chief Architect & Global Ecosystem Leader

Approach your IT architecture with security, scalability, and flexibility in mind. Learn more about the importance of open architecture to your organization’s future.


Kevin Behr,
Sr. Director, Global Transformation Office

Operations departments are often overlooked, but they hold a vital role in any digital transformation. Learn how operations ensure value in the assets and capabilities you build.

Balance the 5 elements of digital transformation

Download the companion e-book "Bring balance to your organization: The five elements of digital transformation" and learn about how organizations that build competencies in each of these areas can more quickly adapt to evolving business needs and improve user experience.