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In this month’s customer success highlights, you’ll learn how Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Consulting are helping different organizations modernize their business processes through digital transformation, container adoption and process automation. Not only are these projects helping achieve current priorities and goals, they’re also laying the groundwork for future scalability and innovation.

AIA Group delivers services faster with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Founded in 1919, AIA Group comprises the largest independent, publicly listed pan-Asian life

insurance group, with a presence in 18 markets. To modernize its business practices, AIA says it has migrated 90% of its compute workloads to the cloud, using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform to eliminate manual provisioning and configuration processes, while simultaneously seeing improvements in security and compliance.

By using Ansible Automation Platform to automate the manual, spreadsheet-based provisioning process, AIA’s international business group can more easily create new environments in its Azure cloud to develop, test and deliver services to market faster. The entire provisioning process now takes just one hour, compared to more than three months with the previous approach. As a result, AIA’s teams can now focus on higher-value, more strategic tasks.

Additionally, instead of allowing various teams to use shadow IT solutions without appropriate visibility, standardizing on a single, easy-to-manage automation technology has helped AIA improve the security and compliance of its development infrastructure and environments. The group has now opened its sandbox environments to more non-IT employees to explore potential new projects and services.

AIA worked closely with Red Hat Consulting over seven months to implement the automation platform, including setting up integration with its ServiceNow request tool and building several self-service catalogs. With 5,100 managed nodes, AIA’s deployment is currently the largest Ansible Automation Platform site in Hong Kong.

You can read the full case study to learn more about the AIA Group and its cloud-first strategy and related projects.

BIAT delivers digital banking services 85% faster with Red Hat OpenShift

Banque Internationale Arabe de Tunisie (BIAT) is the leading bank in Tunisia in terms of customers and annual revenue. To strengthen its position as a market leader and respond to the increasing demand for new digital banking solutions, BIAT decided to begin a digital transformation journey. By replacing its legacy IT infrastructure with Red Hat OpenShift and implementing agile work approaches, the bank has created a foundation for rapid DevOps innovation.

After considering several options, BIAT decided to adopt OpenShift as the foundation of its new IT infrastructure because it provides support for efficient, iterative development of modular applications and services, including comprehensive automation and security capabilities.

To accomplish all of this, BIAT worked with LinSoft, a Red Hat Premier Partner, to design a regulation-complicit architecture with separate clusters for pre-production and production operations. While BIAT’s migration to OpenShift was completed in 2020, LinSoft continues to provide support and training for the bank’s developers.

BIAT’s shift to iterative development and the automation of routine manual tasks has helped its developers become more productive, reducing application delivery time by 85%, while maintaining key security capabilities to support its comprehensive Zero Trust approach.

Previously, provisioning infrastructure to build a new application could take up to two weeks. Now, by replacing manual server provisioning with automation and self service, a new application can be built and ready for production in just two days. BIAT can use the time saved to work on higher value projects, such as ongoing, iterative enhancements and reconfiguration of the bank’s online services.

Read the full case study to learn more about BIAT’s digital transformation efforts and successes.

sahibinden.com delivers reliable retail services faster with Red Hat OpenShift

Turkish classified listing and e-commerce platform sahibinden.com is one of Turkey’s most visited websites, with 58.1 million monthly active users, 463.4 million visits, 12.7 billion pages views and 5 million active listings across product types as of December 2021.

To support its focus on delivering innovative services and user experiences, sahibinden.com sought to modernize its IT architecture and work approaches, opting to migrate its datacenter- and virtual machine (VM)-based infrastructure to VMs running workflows on Red Hat OpenShift.

The first of three project phases was completed in late 2021, and phases two and three have been started in parallel. These involve modernizing the company’s Istanbul datacenter, implementing DevOps tools, refactoring legacy applications for containers and developing microservices-based applications. The project is currently one of the world’s largest Red Hat OpenShift bare-metal deployments, hosting more than 2,400 VMs on two datacenters.

To do the work, sahibinden.com’s teams are working closely with Red Hat Consulting to design and provision the new container-based architecture, as well as learn from ongoing collaboration as the project’s next phases begin. The results include increased service availability and stability, improved DevOps experience with combined VM and container management, and optimized container adoption with expert support and guidance.

Learn more about sahibinden.com’s container adoption journey in the full case study.

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