In this first edition of customer success highlights for 2023, learn how Brightly uses Red Hat products and services to accelerate innovation while improving efficiency and cutting costs. Also, read about HT Eronet’s digital transformation efforts using a number of Red Hat products to transition to a modern SAP-based billing system that can intake data from multiple sources, making it more secure and agile.

Brightly accelerates innovation with new technology and new ways of working

Brightly Software (Brightly), a global leader in intelligent asset management solutions, has grown rapidly over the last few years. Its older technology foundation was impeding its ability to bring innovations to market. The company began looking for solutions to build a scalable platform to accelerate its growth and get new products and features out to clients quickly. 

This new platform could bring Brightly’s products together for a seamless customer experience and help developers by bringing together all the different pieces that make up their solutions. Portability between on-site and the cloud was necessary to ensure that security and regulatory requirements were met.

Brightly worked with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, who helped them explore the company’s business needs, from the technology to how the team collaborates. This process involved pairing Brightly teams directly with Red Hat experts so they could take advantage of their experience and culture in evaluating ways to address the various challenges.

Together, Brightly and Red Hat decided on Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) as the most suitable technology solution, allowing teams to focus their limited DevOps resources on improving applications and delivering automation rather than patching, securing and upgrading their container platform.

The advanced technology provided by Red Hat, combined with enhanced collaboration, helped Brightly’s team accelerate the pace at which it can bring new products and solutions to market. The solution helped to increase efficiency and lower costs, giving the company a broader competitive advantage. Brightly’s customers now have the freedom to choose the technologies they need to be as successful as possible.

Red Hat Consulting also helped Brightly integrate new open culture and DevOps practices across remote teams so they can embrace an agile mindset and collaborate more effectively in a supportive and positive environment. 

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HT Eronet makes its billing system more agile and secure

Telecommunications company HT Eronet was transitioning to a modern SAP-based billing system that can consume data from various sources, but its fragmented integration approach was hindering development. Its legacy customer billing system had to communicate with several disparate technologies and data formats.

HT Eronet’s previous billing system relied on SOAP web services for retrieving data from the diverse systems, a solution that was complex and difficult to maintain. Individual developers maintained each of the SOAP services, so if someone left the company, the rest of the team had to figure out their SOAP service. To address this, the company decided to build a single, central communications platform and adopt a microservices approach to speed up the development of the new features and services its customers needed.

Red Hat partner and solution provider CROZ helped HT Eronet select, prove and adopt Red Hat 3scale API Management and Red Hat Fuse running on Red Hat OpenShift for its simplified central communications platform. HT Eronet specifically chose OpenShift because it’s an enterprise-ready container platform that can help speed up application development and delivery. 

Red Hat 3scale API Management extends the OpenShift platform to expose APIs easily and more securely outside the platform. Deployment of APIs can be scripted and automated, making it a good fit for today’s DevOps requirements. Red Hat Fuse helps further speed up the fast pace of modern Java application development.

Adopting an agile integration approach with Red Hat products and services provided HT Eronet numerous benefits. In addition to accelerating time to market, improving customer service and reducing costs, the modern development environment has also improved employee retention.

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