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Red Hat Insights is designed to deliver Red Hat’s decades of Linux know-how as a proactive monitoring and remediation service. As part of all Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscriptions, Red Hat is introducing its first application-focused view for SAP HANA deployments. This makes it easier for IT teams to manage SAP systems running in larger environments with greater ease and to help improve security on RHEL, one of the only operating systems supported by SAP HANA.

Earlier this year, we announced expanded capabilities for Red Hat Insights and Red Hat Smart Management to help make it even easier to manage RHEL environments at scale. Insights added more services to provide comprehensive visibility into security risks and operational efficiency, and Smart Management with Red Hat Satellite added direct integration with Insights to remediate identified risks directly from within Insights, including very large RHEL estates. Now, learn more about how the new application-focused dashboard helps streamline the management of SAP applications.

Enhanced visibility of SAP applications across Red Hat environments

Managing SAP applications across multiple platforms typically requires separate views of specific environments, which can be both time consuming and prone to human error, especially as more SAP systems are added. Insights now automatically identifies SAP systems and profiles SAP Identifiers (SIDs), providing a curated dashboard to view system health and security risks specifically for SAP infrastructure.

With the new Insights dashboard for SAP, administrators can automatically run all of their SAP applications across environments to access their application state and risk information all from a single panel. The automatic system identification can add a greater overall ease to visualize the health and optimization status of SAP infrastructure.

Identify and resolve security and configuration risk within SAP systems

With Insights, you can more quickly identify security and configuration issues and get resolution recommendations out-of-the-box. Insights is regularly refreshed with new rules to alert operators of misconfigurations, and other system risks such as security vulnerabilities, allowing users the ability to filter by SID.

For business critical SAP deployments, Insights can serve as a force-multiplier for IT operations teams by proactively checking systems against known Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and notifying the appropriate teams with suggested remediations.

Additionally, Insights complements SAP EarlyWatch Alert service, so you can get insights across your entire operating system and SAP components. Customers using Smart Management (included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions) have the added benefit of push-button remediation to take action on identified issues, at scale, across the SAP landscape.


Quickly identify and remediate issues in mission critical apps

When critical applications go down, decreasing the amount of time it takes to remedy the situation is a vital factor to reduce cost expenditure and maintain business continuity. The dashboard for SAP in Insights enables IT teams to more quickly respond to an alert where a system goes down at scale across SAP clusters. The dashboard helps administrators manage SAP applications and identify risks before they occur, which means organizations are at lower risk of unplanned downtime. Performance issues and level of risk are flagged in the system and visible in the control panel, providing the ability to more readily identify the problem, understand where it came from and take action as necessary.

To learn more about how Red Hat Insights can deliver proactive monitoring and remediation services for the newest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, visit resources on the Red Hat blog. You can also discover all the new Insights features and enhancements in the Red Hat Insights 2020-10 release notes. If you have Red Hat Smart Management, learn how to configure the cloud connector to integrate Insights with Satellite for push-button remediation.


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