Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

Optimize SAP environments with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

Your business relies on your SAP® environment for critical processes and data. However, an inefficient environment can cause delays, reduce agility, and increase costs across your IT organization. In fact, 62% of CIOs are expected to improve business processes and increase operational efficiencies to support corporate goals.1 Your IT team must optimize your infrastructure and operations to meet these mandates.

Standardizing your IT infrastructure on Red Hat’s integrated software stack can help you optimize your SAP environment and operations while preparing you for the future. Based on an intelligent operating system, Red Hat delivers a stable, security-focused, high-performance foundation for critical systems. Consistency across bare-metal, virtualized, hybrid, and cloud infrastructure allows you to deploy and manage both traditional and cloud-native workloads using the same tools and interfaces. Enterprise-grade support provides fast issue resolution to help ensure business continuity.

Together, Red Hat and SAP can help you streamline your IT today and lay a foundation for digital transformation and ongoing innovation to remain competitive in fast-moving and disrupted markets.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions

The SAP landscape is converging. An in-memory data platform with transactional and analytical capabilities, SAP HANA® provides a foundation to conduct real-time data analytics, optimize performance, and simplify business operations — in a single system. Transactions and analytics are processed on a single data copy to deliver insight from live data many times faster than disk-based relational databases. SAP HANA also incorporates databases, advanced analytic processing, applications, and integration services into a single platform that can run all of your SAP enterprise applications, including SAP S/4HANA®.

The result of a long-standing collaborative engineering relationship between Red Hat and SAP, Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions is built on the same foundation as the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It combines the reliability, scalability, and performance of Linux with technologies that meet the specific requirements of SAP applications.

Why Red Hat for SAP?

Your underlying operating system can greatly impact how well your SAP application performs. Open, flexible, and security-focused, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions combines the reliability, scalability, and performance of Red Hat Enterprise Linux with additional content specific to operating SAP workloads, making it easier to manage your SAP environment. A single subscription model and operating system provide a cost-effective, consistent platform that streamlines operations and increases stability. Red Hat also provides SAP-specific repositories that contain additional packages for running SAP applications. Standardizing your SAP environment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux simplifies management and consistency, allowing you to derive more value from your investments.


of IT organizations are focusing on improving operational efficiencies and business processes to support corporate goals.1

Tried, tested, trusted

More than


of companies in the Fortune 500 rely on Red Hat products.2

Organizations that standardize on Red Hat infrastructure solutions benefit from


less downtime and


faster deployment of new applications and features.3

Red Hat offers a complete software infrastructure stack — including a reliable operating system,  high-performance virtualization hypervisor, open source cloud platform, Kubernetes-based container technologies, and management and automation tools — to meet your organization’s needs. Integration across the stack ensures interoperability and optimization. Red Hat Support engineers provide expert issue resolution for all Red Hat products through a single point of contact, simplifying and speeding support.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions includes specific features and optimizations to support your SAP environment and provide better performance and stability. 

Optimized, efficient performance

A high-performance foundation is required for SAP applications to provide the most value to your business. Software and hardware must be engineered and optimized together to achieve the greatest performance and efficiency. Red Hat and SAP engineers work together in the SAP Linux Lab to ensure that SAP applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux achieve high levels of performance across hardware platforms.

High availability

SAP workloads are critical for your business and downtime is unacceptable. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On — included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions — provides failover orchestration across your environment to keep your SAP workloads up and running at all times. Using Pacemaker and specialized SAP resource agents, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions offers a standards-based approach for high-availability operations.

Efficient and proactive management for near-zero downtime SAP environments

To be most effective, all systems in your SAP landscape must be up-to-date and in compliance with security and regulatory policies. Consistent management and configuration across development, test, and production environments is key. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions includes Red Hat Smart Management and Red Hat Insights to help you achieve this.

Red Hat Smart Management combines Red Hat Satellite with Red Hat Cloud Services for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. A scalable life-cycle administration platform, Red Hat Satellite lets you provision, patch, configure, and fully control all of your Red Hat infrastructure, including development, test, and production systems. It also provides subscription management capabilities. With Red Hat Satellite, you can ensure that all systems have the latest security patches and quickly remediate configuration drift. Complete auditing capabilities record and report the historical state of your systems at any point in time.

Red Hat Insights delivers predictive operating system analytics that let you rapidly identify and remediate threats to availability, security, stability, and performance. Proactive, automated, targeted issue resolution helps to ensure that your environment is operating optimally to avoid problems and unplanned downtime. Red Hat Insights includes more than 600 rules, including many specific to SAP system configuration requirements and best practices, to identify vulnerabilities before they impact critical operations. If a system contains a known vulnerability, Red Hat Insights automatically alerts you and provides instructions — including Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform playbooks — for fixing the problem. Red Hat Insights is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that you can interact with via or the Red Hat Satellite web interface.

Enterprise stability for business-critical environments

When your business relies on your SAP environment, it must be up and running at all times. Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides a reliable, stable operating environment for your SAP landscape. Red Hat Update Services provides up to four years of support — including security patches and critical fixes — for select minor releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. When you upgrade to a new minor release, binary compatibility and kernel stability ensure that your system remains stable and that both SAP and custom applications continue to execute smoothly.

World-class support from Red Hat

Issues in your SAP environment can cause costly downtime. With Red Hat, support is simple and hassle-free. Red Hat works with SAP and certified hardware and cloud providers to deliver integrated support for your entire environment. Support teams work together to identify the underlying issue and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.

More value for SAP landscapes

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions delivers more value for your organization. By standardizing on a single, high-performance, security-focused platform, you can optimize your SAP environment, encourage ongoing innovation, and prepare for future change. With Red Hat, you gain access to a complete, integrated software stack that delivers the availability, stability, performance, management, and support you need to operate an effective SAP landscape. 

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A complete foundation

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions includes:
  • The Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system.
  • High Availability Add-On for increased uptime.
  • Red Hat Smart Management for life-cycle management.
  • Red Hat Insights for proactive issue identification and remediation.
  • Technical components to support SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA®, and business applications and workloads.
  • Update Services for SAP Solutions for up to four years.

Automate to innovate

Adding Red Hat Ansible® Automation to your organization helps you unify management and automation across diverse IT and database environments. Control workloads from a single console, provide self-service resource provisioning, and automate common tasks to speed operations, eliminate manual errors, and free staff to innovate.

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