Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions and S/4HANA migrations


In a world where agility and digital transformation are key business objectives, optimizing IT has become a top priority. IT optimization is an important mandate—a question of when, not if. According to a Forrester survey of 300 infrastructure and technology professionals, nearly all organizations are engaged in initiatives to optimize their computing infrastructure and operating layer1. These initiatives are driven by both technical and business imperatives. Nearly two-thirds of respondents cited technical goals of high availability and high performance. From a business standpoint, 86% cited the need to increase efficiency. But efficiency is just the beginning: IT optimization puts in place a powerful, stable, and cost-effective operating layer to provide agility and enable digital transformation. This layer paves the way for innovation and new business initiatives.

IT organizations can optimize their SAP environments and prepare for the future by using the power of the Red Hat® portfolio across their entire system landscape. Companies need a high-performance, high-availability foundation for their critical systems with the stability and security that comes from a consistent infrastructure supported by Red Hat. In a competitive, high-pressure marketplace characterized by disruption, companies require a strong foundation that positions them for digital transformation.


The SAP landscape is converging. SAP HANA is no longer just a powerful engine that combines transactional and analytical capabilities. It is also the platform on which customers will run their SAP enterprise applications, including SAP S/4HANA.

The result of a long-standing collaborative engineering relationship between Red Hat and SAP, Red Hat Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions is built on the same foundation as the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions combines the reliability, scalability, and performance of Linux with technologies that meet the specific requirements of SAP applications, including those that run on SAP HANA.


The operating system customers choose impacts how SAP applications perform. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions, customers experience immediate simplicity and ease of use with the management of their SAP applications. A single subscription model and operating system are more cost-effective, providing a single, consistent platform for your entire SAP landscape.

Running multiple Linux distributions leads to resource overhead, cost, and complexity. Supporting more than one operating system is costly in terms of administrator resources, operations, and the time it takes to apply patches and updates. Standardizing your entire SAP environment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions streamlines operations and reduces costs.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions includes key capabilities designed to support the demands of SAP environments.


SAP applications are business-critical, and downtime is unacceptable. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On is included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions. This add-on supports SAP workloads including business applications, SAP HANA, and SAP S/4HANA. Using Pacemaker, the High Availability Add-On offers a standards-based approach that ensures the availability of SAP systems.


Managing SAP landscapes requires ensuring that all systems are up to date, secure, and compliant. Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions includes the Smart Management Add-On for Red Hat Satellite life-cycle management. Smart Management is the client add-on element of the Red Hat Satellite management platform, which together with Red Hat Satellite Server, allows you to provision, patch, configure, and fully control all of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux development, test, and production systems. Red Hat Satellite ensures that security patches are up to date and provides an audit trail so that customers can report on the historical state of their systems at any given point, addressing concerns of prime importance to SAP customers.2

A goal in system management is to identify and fix any issues before they impact the environment. Red Hat Insights, combined with Red Hat Satellite, enhances how enterprises manage their SAP environments. Red Hat Insights is a unique tool that offers a new paradigm of proactive management, identifying issues and offering automated resolutions for vulnerabilities in your environment before business operations are impacted. Red Hat Insights offers an in-depth perspective into how all the systems in your landscape are operating so that you can optimize for performance based on the workloads you need to support. This tool utilizes decades of knowledge and experience of the Red Hat support organization over thousands of enterprise deployments. It offers proactive issue identification and automated remediation of the systems that underpin your critical SAP systems.


High performance is a key requirement for SAP applications. Red Hat and SAP engineers work side by side in the Linux Lab to ensure that SAP applications running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux achieve record-breaking performance across hardware platforms. Red Hat holds world records for the top performance of SAP applications.


Stability is critical for SAP landscapes, and Red Hat Linux for SAP Solutions has you covered. Because SAP certifies its applications on minor releases of the operating system, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions includes Update Services, which ensures the stability and security of your SAP systems. Update Services provides up to four years of support on minor releases, during which customers receive security patches and critical fixes.

When you move to a new minor release, binary compatibility ensures that the system remains stable. Your application programming interfaces (APIs) and application binary interfaces are unaffected. In this way, Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions ensures kernel stability and smooth execution of both SAP applications and custom applications.


We keep support simple. In addition to Red Hat enterprise support, SAP and hardware partners work together through integrated ticketing systems to communicate, identify the underlying issue, and resolve it. That is one of the many benefits of a strong partnership with SAP that began more than 17 years ago when Red Hat Linux became the first distribution of Linux certified to run SAP applications.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions offers SAP customers more value. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions, IT organizations can standardize onto one platform for all their enterprise workloads while optimizing operation of all their SAP workloads, now and in the future. Customers enjoy record-breaking performance, proactive management of their environment, and high availability, providing a stable foundation their entire SAP landscape. They have access to Red Hat’s complete portfolio of technology solutions, backed by world-class customer support that collaboratively resolves issues. Red Hat products and services are secure, open, and trusted by more than 90% of Fortune Global 500 companies. With its strong partnership and joint engineering relationship with SAP, Red Hat stands ready to meet the needs of your entire environment. Learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions at and see how it can help optimize your SAP landscape. Contact your Red Hat representative or authorized reseller today.

1  Forrester, “The Modern Data Center: Vital for Digital Transformation,” December 2016.

2 Red Hat Satellite server is not included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Solutions