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Pushing boundaries & breaking barriers in the cloud

Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) give you the tools and technologies to adapt to market demands. Scale infrastructure and expand opportunities in line with your organization’s needs and business goals.

Building a hybrid cloud environment takes planning. Read this checklist of six things to consider as you start your journey.

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Benefits & Services

Support and flexibility

Together, Red Hat and AWS give you the tools you need to innovate faster, deliver high-quality customer experiences, and scale in line with changing demand.

Watch this video to see how Red Hat and AWS are working together to help our customers build a faster, seamless hybrid cloud experience.

Red Hat Cloud Access

We’ve made it easy for you to securely use Red Hat® products on AWS. You have flexibility when it comes to the type of images you use and how you pay for them.

Since 2008, Red Hat and AWS have collaborated to make it easy to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS, and we are excited to expand our collaboration to introduce a new managed Red Hat OpenShift service later this year. ...This new managed Red Hat OpenShift service will allow customers to deploy fully operational and managed Red Hat OpenShift clusters while leveraging the full breadth and depth of AWS.

– Bob Wise
General Manager for Kubernetes, Amazon Web Services


Agility and delivery across infrastructures

Reduce operational complexity, add more value; we manage the rest

Red Hat OpenShift® Service on AWS makes the capability to build, deploy, and manage Kubernetes applications with OpenShift now available natively on AWS.

This allows customers to reduce operational complexity to focus on building and scaling applications across clouds, go to market faster, focus on innovation, and get more from their cloud investment.


IDC: Red Hat OpenShift on AWS

Interviewed organizations need powerful and flexible IT foundations for developing and running business applications that fuel their business operations. They reported enabling development with functionality from Red Hat OpenShift, combined with the agility, elasticity, and efficiency of the AWS cloud.


Cloud Native: Enabler of Mission-Critical Applications in the Cloud

Cloud-native technology and methodology can enable organizations to more effectively use cloud architectures with capabilities such as API-driven provisioning, autoscaling, and automation. With managed services and greater levels of automation and abstraction, enterprises are better positioned to use cloud services, focus on applications, and use open source software components without having to worry about building, maintaining, and securing infrastructure.

Quickly deploy Red Hat OpenShift on AWS

Automate the deployment of Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform in the AWS Cloud by launching the Quick Start.
Red Hat Openshift


Expand capabilities and scale for performance

Modernize your SAP environment with Red Hat and AWS. The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux® for SAP Solutions and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) gives you the performance, reliability, and flexibility you need to grow your business today and beyond.

Modernize SAP environments

Migrating your SAP environment presents an opportunity to modernize your underlying IT infrastructure with cloud technologies to reduce costs, streamline operations and maintenance, and increase business agility. Together, Red Hat, AWS, and SAP have created a cloud-based solution that is ideal for running SAP HANA® workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the AWS cloud.

Bringing Amazon Red Hat OpenShift to the market alongside our long-time partner AWS pairs the enterprise leader in open source technologies, including Kubernetes, with the leader in public cloud infrastructure and services. Together, we’re delivering an innovative, cloud-native platform that’s enterprise ready today, no matter the technology challenge.

- Sathish Balakrishnan
Vice President, Hosted Platforms, Red Hat

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Begin your hybrid cloud journey with Red Hat and AWS

Jimmy Alvarez

Jimmy Alvarez
Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat

Jimmy Alvarez

David Duncan
Partner Solution Architect, Amazon Web Services


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Ryan Niksch
Partner Solutions Architect, AWS

Mayur Shetty
Partner Solutions Architect, Red Hat

Virtual Roundtables

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Sathish Balakrishnan, Vice President, Hosted Platforms, Red Hat

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