Modernize your IT infrastructure with Red Hat and AWS

Integrated, certified hybrid solutions from Red Hat and AWS for your digital business needs

Businesses today face fast, ongoing changes in market situations, competitors, and customer demand. New technologies and business approaches are disrupting entire industries. Delivering high-quality, innovative applications and customer experiences is critical to remaining successful. 

IT systems that combine private and public ecosystems can contribute to that success. They need to be managed as a single environment, with the ability to move workloads seamlessly and scale as needed. And they need the capability to balance flexibility with security. 

Together, Red Hat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer integrated, certified hybrid environment solutions that help you meet your modern, digital business goals.

Gain flexibility and stability

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® gives you an intelligent, stable, and security-focused foundation for modern, agile business operations. You can expand your infrastructure in any direction, reduce costs, improve performance, and move workloads across infrastructures according to changing requirements. AWS gives you on-demand, security-focused, resizable cloud compute capacity for workloads and applications through a globally distributed network of datacenters. Automation tools streamline the decision process to deterministically scale compute and storage resources based on policies for data storage, protection, and archiving. AWS Auto Scaling and predictive scaling capabilities simplify resource sizing through traffic forecasts and recommendations for optimizing and balancing performance and costs.

Red Hat and AWS are certified to work together to provide consistency across infrastructure, allowing you to deploy applications, workloads, and services using the same tools, both on site and in cloud environments.

Implement a continuous security approach

Creating a secure-focused platform is an ongoing process. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and AWS offer a unique environment where consistency and security is verified through two processes. One is the validation process that is required for AWS Marketplace. The second works to make sure the images are fully functional against the security profile as verified by AWS Inspector and Red Hat Insights, which is included in Red Hat Enterprise Linux. These two tools provide AI that constantly monitors your environment.

Red Hat maintains the base Red Hat Enterprise Linux images for AWS, applying patches and updates as soon as they are available, so the environment remains reliable and more secure and Red Hat Enterprise Linux-certified apps maintain supportability. 

Red Hat and AWS integrate policy into a security profile that stops processes that are not known to be functional or to work in the combined environment. If new features or capabilities are needed, Red Hat and AWS collaborate to identify and work through a process to include it in the security profile.

Red Hat Insights monitors your system on a constant basis, giving you comprehensive risk identification without manual analysis. From a single interface, you can understand security and compliance risks, and monitor for performance, stability, and availability risks. You can use included remediation guidance to take manual action, or create playbooks for resolution, based on severity, type of risk, and the impact of the change. 

Streamline and scale management across environments

Red Hat and AWS solutions provide advanced tools to manage and automate all aspects of your infrastructure, from provisioning and scaling to policy enforcement and decommissioning. Complete life cycle management capabilities automatically apply updates and patches and help to keep your infrastructure running efficiently. Predictive analytics tools identify and remediate threats to security, performance, availability, and stability.

For example, Red Hat Smart Management combines flexible and powerful infrastructure management capabilities of Red Hat Satellite and the ability to execute remediation plans from Red Hat Insights. It can help you optimize and manage thousands of Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems across multiple datacenters and in a cloud environment. It is currently included at no cost with on-demand instances of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on AWS. Cloud management services include vulnerability, compliance, and system comparison.

Red Hat Smart Management lets you manage your entire Red Hat Enterprise Linux infrastructure from a single console including content, patch, provisioning, and subscription management. Predictive analytics tools identify and remediate threats to security, performance, availability, and stability.

You can compare Red Hat Enterprise Linux configurations, system histories, or defined baselines, to help identify and address differences and maintain consistency across large numbers of systems running similar workloads. Timely alerts let you proactively manage your environment with early identification and then act using tailored remediation guidance that is designed for use by all skill levels. Or you can create playbooks for resolution at scale. 

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Digital business requires a flexible, hybrid IT environment. Red Hat and AWS provide modern solutions that help your business adapt to change and gain a competitive advantage. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available through AWS Marketplace or you can move your existing subscriptions to AWS using Red Hat Cloud Access. Learn more at and