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Sanjay Aiyagari, Principal Architect for Edge Computing, Red Hat

Sanjay Aiyagari

Principal Architect for Edge Computing

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Sanjay Aiyagari is a Principal Architect for Edge Computing at Red Hat working primarily with service providers and financial services businesses.  With a long background in networking (Cisco) and virtualization (VMware), at Red Hat he is now helping enterprises use these capabilities to build out secure edge-based AI systems.   Prior to Red Hat, he ran product management and strategy for Siaras, a startup and pioneer in the multicloud networking space.  Before that he spent six years at VMware, where he advised the world’s largest telcos in virtualizing their critical real-time network functions. Beyond typical product delivery roles at Cisco, he also contributed as one of the earliest key members to the OASIS AMQP specification, which is widely used in cloud management, financial trading, transportation and military systems today.  He has contributed to numerous industry groups, including OASIS, the ENI group of ETSI, and the IOWN global forum, and is currently running the Enterprise Neurosystem's Secure Connectivity working group, as well as contributing to inputs for the White House's National AI Research Resource and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Technology Executive Committee.

Mr. Aiyagari has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and an MS in Computer Science from Columbia University.