AppAgile from Deutsche Telekom: Managed cloud services on OpenShift: Accelerate PaaS adoption for enterprises

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It is easy to deploy OpenShift once – but it’s hard to set it up production ready for enterprises, deal with new versions, security, changes etc. within an enterprise environment.

AppAgile is a Deutsche Telekom product to help enterprises to bring their applications to the cloud. The main challenge we experienced is to adopt processes, approvals, data privacy across different regions on the globe – like the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe.

AppAgile provides a complete E2E managed services for Openshift based applications – from DevOps to ITIL.

With AppAgile, Deutsche Telekom also provides managed BIG Data capabilities and Data Science Analytic tools on top of Openshift.

This session is not about the OpenShift technology itself – it is about how a managed cloud service provider makes OpenShift consumable across different cloud environments like private, on-premise, AWS, Azure across the globe. It is about to deal with processes, security and governance challenges without losing speed and innovation using DevOps methods within the largest organizations.

AppAgile managed OpenShift is accelerating OpenShift adoption for enterprises.

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