Clouds today, serverless tomorrow: Your future apps and platforms

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For years, the future of software architectures has been described as a proliferation of lightweight, cloud-connected devices. Many organizations are adopting microservices architecture (MSA) alongside more traditional ones to realize this future, wnhere modular systems can be created more quickly and managed on a scale that exceeds earlier approaches. And yet, we continue to move forward. An exciting future that includes serverless is emerging. Serverless is a major shift in the way developers will build and deliver software systems by further insulating them from infrastructure concerns.

Each approach offers its own set of benefits and challenges. The reality is that most organizations will have a mixture of architectures, platforms, tools, and processes for the foreseeable future. How should you be thinking about the evolution of your application architecture and the platforms that support it?

If you do it right, developers will be able to exploit complex logic and large datasets from a variety of sources to build applications that they could never have imagined just a few years ago. Attend this session given by Stephanos Bacon of Red Hat to learn what existing and emerging technologies Red Hat is exploring in this area and which ones you be considering to tie it all together.

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