Browser support policy

Red Hat is committed to making our websites easily accessible and consistent across supported browsers.

To help support our customers’ needs, Red Hat uses statistical data from web visitors and registered users, rather than generic industry data, to identify the browsers used by our audience. We regularly review this data to determine which browsers are eligible for support. Additionally, to safeguard customer data, we consider only browsers that receive security updates from the browser manufacturer for support. We implemented this policy to ensure that we can provide an excellent experience to as many visitors as possible.

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Development principles and web standards

Red Hat strives to minimize browser-compatibility issues by following these best practices:

  • Develop websites and applications using W3C web standards and according to Red Hat’s accessibility policy.
  • Avoid technologies that are supported by only certain browser types (e.g., ActiveX).
  • Avoid programming implementations that are supported by only certain browser types (e.g., CSS extensions).

Browser feature requirements

To successfully interact with our websites and services, your browser must meet the following requirements:

  • The browser must be configured to accept cookies.
  • The browser must be configured to run JavaScript.
  • The browser must be capable of 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption.

Specific browser support

We validate against and fully support our customers’ use of recent versions of the following browsers:

These are known as "evergreen" browsers because they automatically update to their latest version. Safari, though not strictly evergreen, is updated along with the OS X operating system. With an average of only 6 weeks between evergreen browser releases, specific version numbers change so rapidly they lose their usefulness. As a result, we test against the latest version of each browser and will provide support for any recent version.

Though other browsers may work, we do not attempt to resolve problems with browsers other than those listed above. Browsers that have been developed to comply with the W3C guidelines and specifications, including mobile browsers, should operate successfully.

Resolving browser issues

If you experience a problem using one of the browsers we support, contact our technical support for assistance. If you experience a problem on an unsupported browser, the issue may be resolved by moving to a supported browser.