Open source in education


Diversify your classes and better prepare your students for careers with knowledge and experience that is in demand in industry.
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How it helps

The open source way can diversify your classes and better prepare your students

Keep current

Integrating open source projects into your syllabus will keep your course current and relevant.

Serve students well

Teaching open source culture, tools, and development methods provides students with skills and experience that increase their chances of getting hired—while commanding a higher salary.

Increase diversity

Humanitarian open source projects attract historically underrepresented groups, such as women and minorities, to computing.

Lead and learn collaboratively

You can model collaborative learning and leading working through projects with students.


Professors' Open Source Software Experience

Are you a professor teaching a Computer Science or Software Engineering class in the next school year?

There are more professors than ever hoping to teach the open source development process to their students—but working in the open source world can be a daunting proposition. Professors themselves have only a limited amount of time to learn about open source, and are often unsure about how, exactly, to get started.

POSSE (Professors' Open Source Software Experience) is a Red Hat- and National Science Foundation-sponsored cultural immersion in the tools and practices of open source communities, designed for professors looking for ways to bring their students into active participation in those communities.

Participants complete online coursework that introduces them to open source, then attend an in-person workshop where they deep-dive into open source participation and the curricular and pedagogical considerations of teaching open source. By the end of the workshop, participants have a much better understanding of the workings of open source projects and a strong network of contacts to lean on as they begin to bring students into the open source world.

Educator resources

Embrace open source as an educator

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