Red Hat Achieves Major Milestone for In-Vehicle Linux with Functional Safety Assessment and Certification for Linux Math Library

Open source leader’s approach to meeting the rigorous functional safety requirements of their continuously-updated Linux operating system for automotive achieves major milestone


Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that the Linux math library ( glibc), a fundamental component of Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System, has achieved ISO 26262 ASIL-B functional safety certification from exida, a global leader in functional safety and cybersecurity certification. Red Hat is fully committed to attaining continuous and comprehensive safety certification of Linux natively for automotive applications and has the industry's largest pool of Linux maintainers and contributors committed to this initiative. This milestone underscores Red Hat's pioneering role in obtaining continuous and comprehensive Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) certification for Linux in automotive.

In collaboration with exida, Red Hat has developed and validated a novel approach to meet the process objectives of many functional safety standards including ISO 26262, overcoming the challenges associated with complex, pre-existing open source software like Linux. This certification demonstrates that the engineering of the math library components individually and as a whole meet or exceed stringent functional safety standards, ensuring substantial reliability and performance for the automotive industry. The certification of the math library is a significant milestone that strengthens the confidence in Linux as a viable platform of choice for safety related automotive applications of the future.

Red Hat’s commitment to open source principles remains integral to the development of software-defined vehicles (SDVs). Open source projects have consistently set industry standards, driving compatibility and interoperability across diverse systems, components, suppliers and manufacturers. By working with the broader open source community, Red Hat can make use of the rigorous testing and analysis performed by Linux maintainers, collaborating across upstream communities to deliver open standards-based solutions. This approach enhances long-term maintainability and limits vendor lock-in, providing greater transparency and performance.

Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System is poised to offer a safety certified Linux-based operating system capable of concurrently supporting multiple safety and non-safety related applications in a single instance. These applications include advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), digital cockpit, infotainment, body control, telematics, artificial intelligence (AI) models and more. Red Hat is also working with key industry leaders to deliver pre-tested, pre-integrated software solutions, accelerating the route to market for SDV concepts. 

Supporting Quotes

Francis Chow, vice president and general manager, In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge, Red Hat

“Red Hat’s collaboration with exida exemplifies the automotive industry’s growing demand for a reimagined, software-centric driving experience that meets the stringent standards of reliability and safety. Today, we proudly present tangible proof that our innovative approach to delivering a functionally safe certified Linux operating system is effective. Red Hat remains steadfast in its commitment to offering the automotive industry the freedom and flexibility provided by open, SDV-ready solutions. This empowers organizations to choose the best-in-class solutions for their unique needs across every layer of their technology stack.”

Jonathan Moore, director, advanced systems, exida LLC.

“Red Hat is an undisputed leader in open source technologies with unparalleled expertise in  Linux and the development, deployment and maintenance of complex software at scale. Since the inception of our collaboration, Red Hat has brought a unique and comprehensive approach that integrates modern software development practices while paving the way for the widespread adoption of open source solutions in automotive safety applications. Their focus on ensuring the safety of both individual components and the operating system as a whole is crucial. This latest achievement brings them even closer to realizing the first continuously-certified in-vehicle Linux– Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System. Their open source first approach to the organization, culture and thought process is an exemplary superset of what exida regards as a best practice for world-class safety culture. Contrary to many who believe open source is incompatible with safety, exida has found that Red Hat is dedicated to working towards goals aligned to functional safety in ways that benefit everyone.”

Dr. Thomas Irawan, president of ETAS and chairman, Board of Management, ETAS GmbH

“Red Hat’s latest accomplishment with exida helps deliver on their promise to deliver a continuously certified and functionally safe Linux operating system for automotive applications. For the deterministic middleware of ETAS, having reliable safety features in the operating system is essential. Linux demonstrates that open source can offer a standardized yet adaptable foundation, meeting the rigorous demands of automotive-grade software while promoting innovation and collaboration across the industry.”

Aish Dubey, vice president and general manager, High Performance Computing SoC Business Division, Renesas

“Broad adoption of open source software in automotive safety applications needs continuously-certified Linux solutions. Red Hat’s safety certified math libraries bring the industry closer to that milestone. In addition, developers can now use commonly-available open source functions and libraries to build safety critical applications where high reliability mathematical computing is table stakes. Renesas continues to collaborate closely with Red Hat to accelerate the adoption of open source technologies through the R-Car SDK delivered on top of our multi-generational SoC and MCU products that auto customers use and trust for safety centric automotive applications.” 

Olivier May, global chief commercial officer for the IBM alliance and principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

“Red Hat’s collaboration with exida to achieve functional safety certification of a fundamental component of the Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System is an important milestone. It marks Red Hat’s leadership in accelerating open and standards-based capabilities for industry leaders to innovate on software-defined vehicle roadmaps, while helping reduce costs and leveraging enterprise investments. At Deloitte*, we recognize that a reusable integration and middleware platform is crucial and enables automotive OEMs to focus on value-added differentiation. For that reason, we have teamed with Red Hat as a key in-vehicle platform alliance for our software-defined vehicle transformation offerings. We congratulate Red Hat on achieving this milestone through this rigorous certification process.”

Damian Barnett, chief technology officer, DXC Luxoft Automotive

“We would like to congratulate Red Hat on achieving this major milestone on their journey to providing a functional safety certified Linux operating system for the automotive industry. The ability to use an open source, Linux based offering for functional safety relevant automotive applications will enable Luxoft to provide its full stack software solutions with an accelerated time to market. Red Hat’s approach and longstanding expertise in open source and Linux, combined with their collaboration with exida and other industry leaders is unrivaled — it is the key to creating the first functional safety certified in-vehicle Linux operating system. This achievement amplifies how the industry can benefit from the agnostic approach that open source allows, while exemplifying that open source and collaboration can be the paradigm of safety.”

Jack Weast, Intel Fellow and vice president, Intel Automotive

“Intel believes that Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System is on the right path to deliver an ideal combination of safety and enterprise Linux technologies essential to the software-defined vehicle. Red Hat’s ISO 26262 approach and the integration with RHEL showcases the robust potential of open source in the automotive industry, and Intel is pleased to work with Red Hat to bring true software-defined architectures to the automotive industry.”

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