Red Hat Joins AI Sweden’s Mission to Accelerate AI Adoption Across Industries and the Public Sector

Red Hat OpenShift AI to support organizations throughout Sweden in AI Sweden’s AI Labs


Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that Red Hat OpenShift AI is available in AI Sweden’s AI Labs, an environment where organizations can explore new working methods and develop artificial intelligence (AI) models, applications and use cases with the help of industry-leading technologies.


We’re excited to get a powerful tool like Red Hat OpenShift AI in the hands of our partners for them to bring their ideas to life in our AI Labs, with a focus on generating value, being bold and innovative, and scaling collaboration.

Agneta Jacobson

Director of Strategic Partnerships, AI Sweden

AI Sweden is Sweden’s national center for applied AI, with offices across the country and in Montreal. AI Sweden brings together more than 120 partners across the public and private sectors as well as academia. The center is funded by the Swedish government and the center’s partners, both public and private. Together, they invest in generating tools and resources to accelerate the use of AI for the benefit of Sweden’s society, competitiveness, and everyone living in Sweden.

AI Sweden sees many organizational barriers to AI adoption, from uncertainty among leaders on how to start the journey and implementation practicalities to regulatory ramifications like GDPR. In answer to this, AI Sweden provides hands-on and strategic knowledge and materials in collaboration with leading technology companies. A key part of this is its AI Labs, which enable partners to experiment with AI infrastructure to accelerate their learning and competence-building. The labs comprise dedicated facilities on data and algorithms, edge computing, natural language understanding, AI security and outer space.

AI Sweden continues to develop its infrastructure offering, evaluating leading AI platforms and tooling. AI Sweden chose to implement Red Hat OpenShift AI in its labs to give organizations access to explore a flexible, scalable MLOps platform for building, deploying and managing AI-enabled applications across a variety of platforms with access to the latest in accelerators and AI technologies.

AI Sweden’s labs provide a vendor-agnostic sandbox where teams and peers from its partners can explore possibilities together. Red Hat OpenShift AI exemplifies this ethos: underpinned by Red Hat’s work with an open ecosystem of hardware and software partners, it brings teams together on a single application platform that enables data scientists, engineers, and application developers to collaborate with greater consistency. Red Hat OpenShift AI provides capabilities for teams to experiment, host models for integration into applications, and deliver applications across the AI/ML lifecycle. AI Labs users can take advantage of the data acquisition and preparation, model training and fine-tuning and hardware acceleration available with Red Hat OpenShift AI.

An initial user of Red Hat OpenShift AI in the Lab is an AI-powered public sector organization that is also an existing Red Hat customer. This organization worked with its partner Atea, a leading supplier of IT infrastructure in the Nordics, to run some AI platform tests and verify that its development flow works well with Red Hat OpenShift AI. With hands-on guidance from Atea, AI Sweden and Red Hat, two weeks of testing showed positive outcomes as the organization evaluates a suitable and sustainable future environment for its AI applications.

With this collaboration, AI Sweden and Red Hat are supporting the cross-sector transfer of knowledge, providing the tools that organizations need to get started on their AI journey and speeding up the learning and development process for AI use cases. The practical work that people can do in the AI Labs complements AI Sweden’s other offerings such as its AI Maturity assessment framework, education materials, training and workshops.

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Steven Huels, vice president and general manager, AI business unit, Red Hat

“Just as Red Hat thrives on an open development model connecting us with global communities driving faster innovation, AI Sweden is built on the premise that the collective might of an ecosystem is greater than the sum of its parts. Having an ecosystem that fosters continuous learning and skills development is vital for organizations looking to support responsible, impactful and sustainable use of AI. Bringing Red Hat OpenShift AI to AI Sweden’s sandbox enables us to support organizations in trying out new concepts that can be iterated quickly in a low-risk environment. This effort is all part of our laser focus to bring the right tools together on a unified platform to enable organizations to deploy revolutionary AI capabilities faster.”

Agneta Jacobson, director of Strategic Partnerships, AI Sweden

“We see a tremendous opportunity to help organizations across industries and public sectors pull together to solve key societal and business challenges with the use of AI. We’re excited to get a powerful tool like Red Hat OpenShift AI in the hands of our partners for them to bring their ideas to life in our AI Labs, with a focus on generating value, being bold and innovative, and scaling collaboration.”

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