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Policies and Guidelines

Consulting Unit Redemption Tables

Consulting Units

Consulting Units. "Consulting Units" are credits that may be redeemed by you for Red Hat Consulting Services under Red Hat's terms, conditions and policy. Consulting Units may be redeemed in accordance with the applicable equivalent Unit Value in the Consulting Unit Redemption Table set forth below and as follows:

  • Contact a Red Hat sales representative or consulting representative to request Consulting Unit redemption.
  • Red Hat will submit an order form to you that will describe the scope of work to be performed and number of Consulting Units required.
  • You will return the signed order form to Red Hat.
  • Upon Red Hat's review and approval, Red Hat will return a copy of the signed order form to you.

Use of Consulting Units. Consulting Units: (a) are non-refundable, (b) are non-transferable, (c) may not be redeemed for cash or credit, (d) must be used as whole credits, (e) cannot be combined with any other discount, special offer or coupon and (f) can be redeemed only in the same geographic region and currency as purchased. United States Government end users (or resellers acting on behalf of the United States Government) may not purchase Consulting Units.

Redemption Tables

North America

Consulting Unit Value Conversion Rate
Staff Consultant 1.50 CU/Hr
Consultant 2.00 CU/Hr
Senior Consultant 2.75 CU/Hr
Architect 3.00 CU/Hr
Senior Architect 3.50 CU/Hr
Principal Architect 4.00 CU/Hr
Project Coordinator 1.75 CU/Hr
Project Manager 2.25 CU/Hr
Program Manager 3.00 CU/Hr
Travel and Expenses 0.75 CU/Hr


Consulting Unit Value Conversion Rate
Enterprise Architect - 1 day/8 hrs 32 CUs
Programme Manager - 1 day/8 hrs 26 CUs
Enterprise Consultant - 1 day/8 hrs 26 CUs
Commute > 50km 1 CU
Overnight stay 3 CUs
Continental Return Flight 6 CUs
Intercontinental Return Flight 12 CUs