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Red Hat subscription renewal guide

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Renew your subscriptions

A Red Hat® subscription is more than just software. Your subscription provides ongoing updates and services to help you deploy the open source technology that ensures your systems remain secure and reliable.

To continue receiving these benefits each year, be sure to renew your subscription.

How do I renew my Red Hat subscription?

Red Hat subscriptions can be purchased in several ways. How your subscription may be renewed is dependent on the method of purchase.

For subscriptions purchased directly from Red Hat

  • For subscriptions purchased online via the Red Hat Store, renew online by visiting Red Hat Subscription Management in the Customer Portal and clicking the "Renewal Options" link for a subscription on your account that is available for renewal.
  • For subscriptions purchased from one of our representatives, contact a Red Hat sales representative in your area.

For Red Hat Developer Program subscriptions

For subscriptions purchased from a Red Hat partner

  • Contact the partner from whom you originally purchased the subscription. Partner information can be found via the Partner Locator.

For assistance with all renewal methods or any other questions you may have, contact Red Hat Customer Service in your region.

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