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Bite-Sized Bouts with Red Hat > Episode 1 highlights

Migrate vs. Rebuild


Which is more valuable: migrating your applications or rebuilding them from the ground-up.


Wai Leong Khong, AppDev Business Development Lead,
APAC, Red Hat


David Forden, Applications Development Solutions Director,
Red Hat


Paul Whiten, Managed Services Business Development,
APAC, Red Hat

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Bite-Sized Bouts with Red Hat: Episode 1

As you adapt to a change in workflow, it’s important to determine the value of app migration and modernisation. What effect would it have on your resources? Is it the right choice for your business? Find out in the first episode of Bite-Sized Bouts, as our experts debate on migrating your apps versus rebuilding them from scratch.


Find solutions for your modernisation and migration challenges

Explore how to tap on 3 primary opportunities as you prepare your applications and infrastructure for the hybrid cloud.

Solve your modernisation and migration challenges

Discover the best Red Hat solutions to help your business move to cloud-native application development.

App Modernisation Vs. Rebuild webinar

An in-depth discussion into this topic. Please indicate your interest to attend this webinar topic and we will share the webinar invitation with you.



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