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Operating at Scale: Turbocharge your IT operations​

Unleash the possibilities of Ansible Automation, enable your business to scale and transform, using data to turbocharge your IT operations and gain actionable insights. ​

Learn how you can leverage Ansible to reshape your future, powering your operations with automation and set your organisation on a path for success.​ ​

Event Driven Automation: Re-shape the future of IT operations​

Red Hat recommends a "start small, think big" approach to automation. Event driven automation can help you get to the next level of sophistication when it comes to automating your digital landscape. ​ ​ ​

Making It Real: A Closer Look at Common Automation Use Cases​

Network Automation​


First, server infrastructure. Now, network infrastructure. The benefits of Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform can be extended to physical networks, software-defined networks, and cloud-based networks.

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Disaster recovery automation ​


IT Disaster Recovery requires a massive amount of preparation work for both IT and Business users. Specifically for IT DR Managers, the need to keep a copy of their DR runbook up-to-date is onerous. ​

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Hybrid Cloud Automation​


As cloud computing technology continues to evolve and gain popularity, operators find themselves migrating workload to the cloud and having to maintain both on-premise and public cloud environments that are often complex and require much more advanced skill sets to manage​

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Want some hands-on experience?​

Red Hat offers interactive labs in a preconfigured Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform environment. ​

You can use these labs to experiment, practice, and learn how to create, manage, and scale network and IT practices efficiently—from rapid development and deployment, to simplified operations and analytics, to consistent end-to-end user experiences.

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