Event-driven automation

Automate IT response with Event-Driven Ansible

In a digital world that is driven by complex hybrid cloud environments, IT teams are striving to employ automation to help them manage with speed, consistency, accuracy and efficiency. When all of this is done automatically, IT teams are able to accurately and consistently make changes, gain more work-life balance, are better equipped to perform even if there are skills gaps or hiring challenges and are relieved from high-volume routine tasks so they can focus on innovation and interesting engineering challenges. Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform now includes Event-Driven Ansible to support automated response to changing IT conditions. This makes Ansible Automation Platform:

  • Even more powerful in helping teams address issues and outages rapidly
  • Ensure that standard configurations are consistently being used
  • Address security risks rapidly, and respond to changing technology conditions, such as adjusting the amount of storage an application needs.  

In this e-book, learn how Event-Driven Ansible can be a key tool in your automation arsenal.

Build innovation and resilience into IT operations with event-driven automation

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