Expand innovation and operational efficiency with Linux

7 ways to amplify the value of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription

Linux® provides an ideal platform for modern, innovative IT, which is why it has widespread adoption across industries and emerging technology use cases. It has become the de facto standard for developing and running highly available, reliable, and critical workloads in datacenters and cloud computing environments and supports a variety of use cases, target systems, and devices. Every major public cloud provider—including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud—offers multiple Linux distributions in their marketplaces.

Choosing the right Linux distribution for your organization is crucial, whether you are deploying critical business applications or preparing for hybrid cloud operations. Different distributions offer different benefits and value, from features and integrations to support and partnerships.

This e-book explores the value of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux for your organization in key areas, including:

  • Security and compliance.
  • Workloads.
  • Containers.
  • Automation and management.

Download this e-book to read more about how a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription can provide you a high-value foundation for modern IT.


Expand innovation and operational efficiency with Linux

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