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Taking the lead on IT Automation

80% of respondents say adopting IT automation is “extremely or very important” to the future success of their organization

More leaders than ever realize that automation has become a strategic priority. Find out what IT leaders need to do to help their organizations embrace enterprise-wide IT automation in this Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Pulse Report for Red Hat​. Read the findings from this survey of 338 business executives, as experts weigh in on what needs to be done to advance IT automation.

  • Get an inside look at how organizations are faring with their automation plans and what experts recommend
  • Discover the barriers organizations are facing when implementing enterprise-wide automation
  • Understand how organizational change and culture impact the advancement of IT automation
  • Identify top priorities and define the roles IT leaders should play to advance IT automation

As IT automation becomes a critical element in digital transformation and for achieving other top business goals, IT leaders must focus on selecting the right technology. For more about the technology that matters, read this Red Hat sponsored Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Pulse Report.