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According to Gartner, organizations that automate 70% of their network configuration changes will reduce the number of unplanned network outages by more than half, compared to those that automate fewer than 30%.1 However, Gartner estimates that fewer than 10% of organizations use productized network automation tools to help.2 This approach can leave a network insecure, noncompliant, and unavailable. It can also reduce the productivity of the teams that manage the network. Network automation can help—and it is a viable option for most organizations.

Our e-book, Network automation for everyone, explains:

  • Why network automation is important
  • How automation can make your network more secure, compliant, and available
  • Common ways to approach network automation
  • Why Red Hat® Ansible® Automation is the best technology choice for network automation
  • How Red Hat can help you succeed with network automation


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