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Simplify your security operations center

Gain speed, time, and security with a unified automation platform

Security is a leading issue for most organizations. One study estimates 30% of organizations will experience a cyberattack within the next 2 years.1 Along with the fact that the average cost of a data breach in 2019 was US$3.92 million1, it's clear that IT security should be a top concern for any organization. Unfortunately, most organizations use manual processes for security operations, leaving themselves prone to error and slow to respond.

Using automation like Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Plaform can help organizations:

  • Boost efficiency and speed.
  • Increase security at scale.
  • Reduce the risk and costs of breaches.

This e-book will help you better understand what security automation is, what can you automate, where can you get started, and how Red Hat can help.


Download the e-book to learn more.

  • 1 “2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report,” IBM, 2019,