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STL Partners executive briefing: Transitioning to Techco in APAC: Priorities for Success

Global telecommunications operators are attempting to transition their business models toward a technology-centric approach

Telecommunications service providers have come under increasing pressure in the last 10-15 years and now find themselves at an inflection point. The commoditization of traditional telco services, large investment in 5G and other new technologies, and the threat of new market disruptors place them in a precarious position. Their current business models are unable to meet their customers’ current and future needs.

For many telcos, moving towards a technology company (‘techco’) model is the solution. This includes adopting the technologies, practices, and processes similar to those of successful technology businesses. It also means becoming a more agile and open organization that uses software to create modular foundations on which to innovate. This operating model is underpinned by a flexible, horizontal workforce and an ecosystem of partners able to develop dynamic new products and services for customers.

Download this executive briefing from STL Partners to learn:

  • What telco transformations look like.

  • 5 priorities for building a ‘techco’ business.

  • Next steps for telcos in APAC.

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