Using automation to get the most from your public cloud

Learn the benefits of increasing your public cloud automation

Most organizations fail to take full advantage of automation in their public cloud environments. Some are unaware of the benefits that an automated approach can provide, while others are concerned about the cost or impact of implementing automation. Using Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform, organizations can implement an automation approach and take advantage of important opportunities with less difficulty.

In this detail, we'll explore the benefits of using Ansible Automation Platform in your automation approach to:

  • Simplify Day 2 operations.
  • Streamline orchestration, including setting automated processes to coordinate firewalls, on-premise and private cloud infrastructure, load balancers, DNS, and many other components.
  • Increase the speed of delivery for releases and minimize errors and inconsistencies, while reducing administration burden, by automating your organization's continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline.

Download this detail to find out the benefits of automating in a public cloud environment and how to get started with Ansible Automation Platform.

Using automation to get the most from your public cloud

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